Brewer's Assistant Coffee Gift Set

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Package Includes
Frothing Thermometer - Frothing Thermometer $15.00
Modern Knock Box - Standard $28.99
Rattleware Aluminum Tampers - 58mm $19.96
Stainless Steel Brew Pitcher - 3 oz Brew Pitcher $6.00
Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher - 20 oz $16.99
Value: $86.94


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If you know someone with a semi-automatic espresso machine who’s tamping their coffee with a spoon and dropping the grinds directly into the trash, here’s a present they’ll truly love. It’s everything they’ll need to help them brew the perfect coffee drink, short of the machine – and practice of course. This set includes all the brewing essentials that no espresso machine owner should be without. Please, no substitutions. Package includes:

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