Latte Makers Gift Pack

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Package Includes
Frothing Thermometer - Frothing Thermometer $15.00
Rattleware Stainless Steel Latte Art Pitcher - 20 oz $12.49
Whole Latte Love Buzzopolis Whole Bean Espresso $13.95
Whole Latte Love Latte Cup - White - Quantity: 2 $23.00
Value: $64.44


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For that special person who is an aspiring latte artist, and loves to demonstrate their barista skills, we have put together an ideal gift set that enables them to fine tune their latte making prowess. The Rattleware Stainless steel 20oz Latte Art Pitcher has a tapered spout that is designed for performing latte art. The clip on Frothing Thermometer is a crucial tool to take the guess work out of frothing milk. The Whole Latte Love Cups are the perfect vessels for creating latte art. And last we have included the medium-dark roasted Whole Latte Love Buzzopolis Espresso as the basis of a great tasting latte.
Latte Makers Gift Pack includes:

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