Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic Espresso Machine

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The Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic is the affordable outstanding revival of an industry icon originally designed by espresso engineer Ennio Berti. When introduced for domestic use the Cellini was ahead of its time because it included many commercial grade components and therefore helped to revolutionize the domestic espresso machine industry. Reviving this be-loved design and infusing it with upgraded technology, Rocket Espresso has created a new “classic” for today’s demanding consumer.

The commercially specified features that include an E61 brew group, lead-free copper boiler, a temperature stabilizing heat exchanger, (thermosyphon), and a quiet vibration pump allow you to produce coffee shop grade espresso at home.


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Features & Benefits: Brewing

Commercial E-61 Brew Group

The Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic has a professional quality nine-pound E-61 brew-group made of chrome plated marine brass to ensure proper heat stability. Espresso extraction is aided by a pre-infusion process to preserve coffee flavor and aroma. Hot water is constantly circulated between the boiler and brew-group to ensure proper brewing temperature. The Cellini Classic comes with a commercial portafilter as well as single and double-shot filter baskets.


The Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic has a dual pre-infusion system, consisting of a mechanical pre-infusion system with progressively working piston and a static pre-infusion chamber, resulting in consistent flavorful, aromatic, and crema-rich extractions.

Thermosyphon System

The thermosyphon system, heat-exchanger, continuously circulates hot water between the boiler and brew group to keep the machine in brew-ready condition and ensure temperature stability. The system has been carefully designed to maximize water flow (20% higher volume compared to other models). Brew-group heating is optimized by the boiler-capacity to thermo-siphon-system ratio. This results in fast heat up time using the power of the 1200 watt long-life element.


The 1.8L boiler is made of pure copper (Cu. 99.9%) with a lead free, heavy brass end plate to increase thermal retention and steam power by approximately 40% versus other boiler systems. The boiler will give you very long service life. The boiler has a dedicated 1200-watt heating element made from special long life material (5 times longer than normal elements), to ensure quick warm-up times.

Electronic Controls

The boiler and reservoir water levels are monitored by sensors that will alert the user if the machine needs to be refilled, and shut it off if ignored. This feature helps to prevent a dry-boil and prolong the life of the machine.

Steam gauge

There is an easy to read large steam pressure gauge on the face of the machine to keep you apprised of the available steam boiler pressure.

Features and Benefits: Frothing & Hot Water

No-Burn Stainless Steel Steam Wand

Rocket Espresso’s patented cool-touch technology ensures that the steam wand is safe to use (only the nozzle gets hot). The heavy-duty wand has a two-hole tip and is engaged with a large ergonomic control knob at the top of the wand. Below the steam wand is the steam pressure gauge – the machine is at steaming pressure when the gauge measures around 1.2 bar. Use the steam knob to foam and steam milk, soy milk, or half and half for a cappuccino, latte, café breve, or latte macchiato.

Stainless Steel Hot Water Nozzle

The hot water nozzle is located to the right of the brew group and features another large ergonomic control knob like the steam wand. You can dispense hot water for tea, a café Americano, instant soup or hot chocolate, drink mixes, or hot cider.

Features and Benefits: Cleaning, Maintenance, and Other

Water Sensor & Reservoir

The Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic comes equipped with an electronic microprocessor controlled automatic low-water-level sensor that will automatically shut off the machine to prevent a dry boiler. A warning system will also alert you when the water reservoir needs to be replenished.

The large 2.9L water tank, good for about 45 2oz espresso shots, can be filled in the machine through an access hatch at the rear of the cup warming area on top of the machine, or you can remove the reservoir and fill it at the sink.

Drip tray

The stainless steel 10.14oz drip tray slides off for easy emptying and cleaning.

Large Cup Warmer Tray

Heated air comes up through the holes in the floor of the cup warmer tray on top of the machine from the boiler below, ensuring that your cups are warmed. There is a hatch cover at the rear of the tray allowing you to fill the water reservoir without removing it from the machine.

Regular Upkeep

Use a damp cloth to keep your brew group head free of excess grounds, and use a brush to clean the shower screen and group gasket on your brew-group. The portafilters’ metal filter-basket and filter handle can be cleaned in warm water and non-abrasive detergent to remove excess grounds and coffee oils. When the drip tray fills, empty it and clean the drip tray and stainless steel drip tray grid with a damp cloth. The stainless steel body of the machine can also be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best.


  • Boiler capacity: 1.8L (61oz)
  • Boiler element: 1200W
  • Certified commercial safety valve
  • Dimensions: 13.78”H x 11.61”W x 16.73”D
  • Weight: 21kg (46.3lbs)
  • Bodywork: All stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • Feet: height adjustable for leveling the machine on uneven surfaces
  • Brewing head: Commercial brewing head. Weight 4.05 kg (9 lb)
  • Water Reservoir: 2.9L (98oz)
  • Origin: Italy

Included Accessories

  • Full size commercial one and two cup filter handles and baskets
  • One blind filter
  • plastic tamper
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Microfiber towel
  • Training guide and instructions

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posted on Dec 14, 2012 02:04PM

Question by Mark S.

Thanks mjackson for your reply to my question below about the Cellini Classic. I have a few questions about maintenance I was hoping you, or someone else, could help me with. I've had the machine for about a month. I backflush with the blank filter basket after every use, and wipe everything...
mjackson aswered:
You do not want to use the cleancaf for backflushing you need to buy he cafiza- Just follow the instructions on the bottle. You will only need to backflush the machine about once or twice a week. You may also want to... more

posted on Dec 13, 2012 07:49PM

Question by Mark S.

Noticed that you're apparently no longer selling the Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic. I'm curious to know why, especially since I purchased one recently. Thanks.
mjackson aswered:
Great question and you should still be happy you bought that machine. It is an older model that was discontinued by them as they have newer models with a few upgrades such as an additional pressure gauge for brew pressure. I know you got a great deal on a new machine that is a very good machine.... more