Teaposy Dream Gift Set

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Package Includes
Teaposy Daydream Teapot - 24 oz Teapot $22.99
Teaposy Light My Fire Tea Warmer - Warmer $12.99
Teaposy Medley Teaposies - Medley (6 Teaposies) $12.99
Value: $48.97


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The Teaposy Dream Gift Set offers a quiet, aromatic getaway. Beautifully presented, Teaposy’s hand-blown Daydream teapot holds 24 oz of your favorite tea and includes a stainless steel loose-leaf tea filter in the spout. The Light My Fire tea warmer provides the perfect touch, adding warmth and enhancing your tea experience. Hand-sewn with the finest silver-needle white tea, each Teaposy blossom includes Heart of Love, Butterfly, Falling Water, Lady Fairy , Calendula, and Noble Essence and brews up to 50 oz. Dream Gift Set includes (24oz) Daydream Teapot, Light My Fire Warmer and Box of Flowering Blooming Teaposies. So relax, unwind and enjoy your special daydream.


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Features and Benefits

Hand-Crafted Quality

From start to finish, every Teaposy is carefully crafted by hand to create a blooming work of art. First, the tea is handpicked, dried, and withered for two hours at 212° to remove impurities. Then, the Silver Needle Tea is sorted leaf by leaf and placed in bundles of equal length and weight. Once sorted, fresh flowers and the Silver Needle White Tea are hand-sewn together to create the beautiful shapes revealed during the brewing process.


Immediately after each teaposy is created, it is vacuum-sealed for freshness, ensuring it arrives at your home just as it left the Fujian Province in China. Each attractive box contains 6 Teaposy buds, ready to be brewed, enjoyed, and displayed.

Made from Recycled Material

The entire Teaposy Glassware collection is made from 20% recycled material for a tea experience that is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. With all natural teas and partially recycled glassware, Teaposy offers an exceptional assortment of products to capture the art of blooming tea.

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