Teaposy Daydream Gift Set with Red Song Teaposies

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Individual Bud - Red Song BULK - Individual Bud - Red Song BULK - Quantity: 12 $23.88
Teaposy Daydream Teapot - 24 oz Teapot $22.99
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Blissful thoughts are a daydream away with the Teaposy Daydream Gift Set. The beautiful hand crafted Teaposy Daydream glass teapot lets you see the unique Red Song Teaposy Bud blossom and steep a delicious brew that fills the air with the aroma of sweet jasmine. Teaposy blossoms are hand-crafted and made of Silver Needle White Tea and a flower combination that will bloom before your eyes in elegant Teaposy Glassware. Red Song is light and smooth, this tea floods the mouth with a heady floral fragrance and a sweet, light tangy flavor.

The Teaposy Daydream Gift Set comes with Teaposy's double-walled, hand-blown  24 oz Daydream teapot that includes a stainless steel loose-leaf tea filter in the spout, and 12 Red Song Teaposy buds containing the ingredients: Carnation + Silver needle white tea scented with fresh jasmine

Each Teaposy Bud will brew 50 oz of tea. Just add your favorite day dream and enjoy!

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