Technivorm Clubline KB 741

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Essential Info:
Simplicity and efficiency are at the forefront of the Technivorm K 741’s design.
This 10-cup, drip coffee maker is one of two machines that meets the SCAA’s certification standards, meaning the Technivorm consistently brews between 194 and 204ºF – the optimal brewing temperature range as defined by the SCAA. Balancing this technological advantage are the Technivorm’s simple controls that allow you to brew perfect full or partial pots, pause the brewing process to pour a cup of coffee, and control the hot plate temperature. The Technivorm Clubline KB 741 is available in polished silver with black accents.

The Technivorm’s 3 switches make it easy to brew without any guesswork.
On the base of the machine you’ll find the on/off switch, which begins the brewing process and, with the use of a red indicator light, alerts you when the machine is turned on and brewing. Next to this button is the hot plate control switch(extra hot setting for full pots and hot setting for smaller pots). The final switch is located on the filter holder, where you select the size you want to brew-- a full pot, when the switch is in the up position; a small pot, when the switch is in the center position; and pause (when you want to pour a cup during the brewing process), when the switch is in the down position. This switch controls how much and how quickly water is able to flow through the dispensing hole on the bottom of the filter holder. The Technivorm also features an indicator light that alerts you when the machine needs to be descaled.

The KB 741 is SCAA certified to brew a great cup of coffee. Whether you're brewing a full, 10-cup pot or a smaller one, your Technivorm will perform beautifully. Brewing with water that is heated to the correct temperature ensures that the flavor nuances of your coffee are preserved and virtually eliminates your chances of getting a bitter or sour cup. The Technivorm, which brews a full pot in about 7 minutes, is also one of the quietest brewing drip-coffee machines available today.

Masking the Technivorm’s modern technology is its retro styling. The exterior of the KB 741 is constructed of polished silver aluminum accented with shiny black plastic. Its no-scratch aluminum housing is also very good at remaining fingerprint-free, so it’s easy to keep this machine clean. The reservoir is constructed of clear plastic with a small metal grate at the bottom that allows water to drain into the central heating unit. After the water is heated, it visibly bubbles up through a clear plastic tube in the center of the reservoir before entering a metal tube that carries this water to its destination. This unique view of the brewing process adds an additional bit of charm to this already charismatic machine.

Another unique feature of the Technivorm is its carafe “Mixinglid”. This lid has a black plastic tube attached that runs to the bottom of the KB 741’s 10-cup glass carafe. Brewed coffee enters and is delivered to the bottom the carafe through this tube, automatically mixing it with previously brewed coffee to produce an evenly flavored brew. The carafe does not have water level markings labeled on it, but this has been remedied by the reservoir, which is clearly marked right on the front.

Hot Plate:
The hot plate has separate temperature levels for full and small pots.
The manufacturer recommends that you use the extra hot setting for full pots and the hot setting for small pots. This can be controlled using the rocker switch on the front of the machine. When the hot plate is on the extra hot setting, the indicator light on the switch will illuminate.

With its clear plastic construction, the reservoir offers a unique peek at the brewing process.
Mounted on the top of the machine (as opposed to in the back of the machine), you can see right through the reservoir. Once brewing begins, water begins to flow down through the metal drain in the rear of the reservoir and then starts to heat below. In the center of the reservoir is a plastic tube that channels heated water up to the spray head for dispersion over the coffee grounds. During the brewing process, you can see the heated water bubbles make their way up the tube.

Water Filtration:
The Technivorm has no water filtration system.
Because of this, we would recommend using pre-filtered water. This not only helps to limit the amount of scale that builds up inside the machine, but also removes certain compounds that could negatively affect your coffee’s flavor.

Coffee Filter:
You can use a #4 paper cone filter in the Technivorm KB 741.

This coffee maker ships with #4 paper cone filters and a coffee scoop.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer Technivorm
Model KB741
Dimension - Width (Inches) 12
Dimension - Height (Inches) 15
Dimension - Depth (Inches) 7
Weight (lbs) 10
Watts 1400
Volts 120
Essential Info
Brewing System Water
Brew Time in Minutes 7
Cups Per Brew 10
Usage Home
Housing Materials Plastic
Body Materials Aluminum/Plastic
Power Cord Length (Inches) 52
Type Glass
Volume (Oz) 40
Drip Stop & Serve Yes
Anti-Spill Pouring Yes
Sealed Lid Yes
Number Of Carafe's 1
Water Source
Material Plastic
Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Level Gauge Yes
Water Level Visible Yes
Reservoir Yes
Adjustable Coffee Strength Yes
Type Of Control Switches Toggle
Power Light Yes
Partial Pot Usage Yes
Hot Plate
Material Steel
Coffee Filter
Paper Filter Included Yes
Optional Filter Gold Tone
Coffee Filter Access Front Swivel
Removable Coffee Filter Bin Yes
Filter Type #4 cone
Descaler Used Durgol
Paper Filter #4 cone
Replacement Carafe Yes
Warranty (Years) 1
Country Of Manufacture Netherlands
NSF Certified no
Recommended Applications home
Available Internationally no
Service provided
Repairs By Boyd Coffee Company
Contact Number 800-545-4077

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