Urnex Steam Pipe Cleaning Brush

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This long handled Urnex Espresso Machine Steam Pipe Cleaning Brush in sizes from 4" to 10" is great for cleaning the clogged milk out of steam wands and hard-to-reach places!


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Milk can easily clog a steam wand that isn’t properly maintained, obstructing the flow of steam or hot water. This can hinder your steaming and frothing process when creating specialty drinks, so it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. This steam wand cleaning brush is specially designed with a long handle to remove milk residue with ease.

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Recent questions
Carol asked:
posted on Dec 21, 2012 03:04PM

Question by Carol B.

My Saeco Odea Go isn't steaming well. Thin foam. Does the Urnex pipe cleaning brush work for this problem? Do you have to take apart the steam/water arm or start at the tip and go up the wand?
techkathy aswered:
Have you descaled the machine recently? Have you reseated the small black plastic insert in the end of the pannarello wand? Have you made sure that the pannarello wand and the rubber grip are both really clean?