Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance Blender

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Suitable Environment

UL Certification Mark NSF Certification Mark

Suitable Environment

The Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance is great for busy smoothie and coffee shops, easily making up to 50 smoothies and frozen drinks per day. A programmable dial offers 6 different blending options and automatically shuts off the machine when the blending cycle is complete. The Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance can also handle capacities from 4 oz to 32 oz without compromising drink consistency, so no matter how much you mix each time, customers will be pleased with the results.


The Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance is very simple to use so employees will require little training to operate it. The On/Off switch is located at the bottom of the machine while the rest of the blender functions are located on the control panel. A numbered dial can be turned to numbers 1 through 6 for pre-programmed blending options. There is also a Start/Stop switch for manual blending, as well as a Pulse switch to refresh beverages left in the container.



  • The Drink Machine Advance’s 32 oz Xtreme container is made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic and is designed to rapidly direct the ingredients downward into the blades, reducing blend time.
  • The extra-long, stainless steel blades increase blending speed to reduce preparation time.
  • The Drink Machine Advance has easy to use controls including a 6-program dial, pulse control, and lighted Start/Stop switch.
  • An optional programming chip allows you to customize the 6 dial settings just for your business.
  • A removable plug in the flexible rubber lid allows you to add ingredients during the blending process.
  • Vita-Mix designed this machine to be 20% quieter than other commercial blenders on the market today.
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • Dimensions
    • o 18”H x 8”W x 9” D

Feature Details

XP Container and Blade Design

The Drink Machine Advance features a 32 oz (.9 liter) unbreakable container with a wide base, creating a powerful vortex to continually circulate ingredients for consistent blending. The extra-long stainless steel blades easily cut through frozen fruit and ice, eliminating straw-clogging chunks.

Program Settings

The dial on this Vita-Mix machine has 6 different program settings making it easy to blend everything from juice and ice drinks to thick frozen fruits and solid ingredients. You can also purchase an optional programming chip to customize settings for your business’ signature drinks. By setting both the blending time and speed you can ensure a consistent, quality product for your customers.

Powerful Motor

The Drink Machine Advance’s heavy-duty motor allows you to crush an entire container of cubed ice in just 3 seconds. Combined with the XP Container and steel blades, the powerful motor will reduce blending time and keep customers happy by cutting down the time they spend waiting in line.


Daily Maintenance

  • To clean the base and control panel, unplug the power cord and then wash these items with a damp cotton cloth and non-abrasive detergent. Make sure to carefully clean the switches without allowing liquid to infiltrate the switch. Also, never submerge the base in water or any other liquid, as it contains electrical components.
  • Do not allow food products to dry on the blades or container of the machine. If drink mixtures dry on the blades, they can weaken or tear the internals of the machine when restarted. To clean the container and blades, fill the container ¼ full with warm water, add a few drops of low-pH dishwashing detergent, and run for 30 seconds. To rinse, fill the container ¾ full with warm water and run for 30 seconds.
  • The lid can be washed in warm soapy water, and then rinsed clean under running water.



The Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance works on counter tops, so it does not require professional installation. Simply plug it into a 120-volt compatible outlet on a secure, level countertop away from water.

Product Manual

Download PDF here

Electrical Specifications

  • 120 VAC
    • 15 Amps
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