Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance Blender

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Suitable Environment

UL Certification Mark NSF Certification Mark

Suitable Environment

The Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance is designed to handle thicker ingredients, such as ice cream and frozen fruit, and still grinds 33% faster than other commercial blenders. With a powerful motor and a tough stainless steel blade for continuous, high-torque blending, the Blending Station Advance is ideal for business environments producing up to 100 smoothies and frozen drinks per day.


Making frozen drinks and smoothies is easy with the Blending Station Advance, which can blend at the touch of a button. Preset blend settings give users the option to blend with Vita-Mix’s optimal consistency, or customize your blend for a signature drink. Since this Vita-Mix blender features a wider base and larger blade, ingredients are continually circulated to reduce cavitation, eliminating the need for stirring or shaking.



  • Can be purchased with or without Vita-Mix’s handy cover door, which dramatically reduces motor noise for a quieter blending experience.
  • The Advance’s heavy-duty, high-torque stainless steel Xtreme Performance blade is capable of making extra-thick milkshakes, eliminating the need for a spindle mixer.
  • A 3+ horsepower motor is designed with Vita-Mix’s Advanced Blending Technology for smoother, more efficient operation.
  • The Blending Station Advance features 6 program buttons for 1-touch blending, along with 93 speeds for manual blending.
  • 34 recipe options give you the flexibility to blend any kind of drink without compromising consistency.
  • Each of Vita-Mix’s impact resistant, stackable containers let you blend as little as 10 oz or as much as 48 oz with the same consistency.
  • Features variable speed blending as well as a high-low pulse option for non-programmed blending and to freshen drinks.
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • Dimensions
    • 22”H x 9.5”W x 10.5”D

Feature Details

Programming Options

The Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance features an easy-to-operate control panel with 6 preset blending programs that are tailored for the most commonly made drinks. Each preset button can carryout a full blending cycle from start to finish, and the blender’s digital display screen will guide you through the entire process. The Blending Station Advance also makes it possible to blend with manual settings, with a speed control button that can be adjusted gradually at 1% increments. A pulse setting also improves user control, giving you the option to temporarily change the blending speed simply by holding down the high or low pulse button.

Advanced Settings

This Vita-Mix blender features Smart Technology, with built-in overheating protection and a total drink counter for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly totals. In addition, the Advance is compatible with Vita-Mix’s programming chip and software kit, which feature customized blending programs for your blending environment. The programming chip and software kit provide perfectly optimized blending programs that you can design yourself.

XP Container

The Blending Station Advance includes Vita-Mix’s newly designed Xtreme Performance container, which feature a wider base to accommodate the larger blade size. XP containers are made of sturdy, impact resistant plastic and feature easy-to-read markings to accommodate drink mixtures up to 48 oz (1.4 liters). Plus, each container is stackable and easy to clean, giving you the option to use and store several different XP containers for added efficiency.

Cover Door

The Blending Station Advance can be purchased with or without Vita-Mix's smartly designed cover door, which is designed to dramatically decrease noise levels during blending. The clear plastic cover door features a flip-up front and a sturdy aluminum handle for quick container access, and the whole thing can be easily removed for cleaning.


Daily Maintenance

  • To protect the blade and seals, it’s very important to empty and clean out containers throughout the day. Allowing mixtures to dry can cause them to lock around the blade and weaken or tear the bearings seal when restarted. To clean the machine blade and seals along with the container, fill the container ¼ full of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap, then return the container to the base and run the machine for 30 seconds.
  • The container lid can be separated from the plastic center plug and washed in warm soapy water. Then rinse and dry the lid and plug and reassemble before replacing it to the machine.
  • At the end of each business day, the cover door should be removed to be washed under running water and cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Wipe the cover door dry before replacing it to the base.
  • It is recommended that you clean the base of the machine and the control panel throughout the day. To do this, first unplug the machine and then use a soft damp cloth or sponge and a low pH balanced soap to clean the outside surface. Do not immerse or pour water on the machine base, as it contains important mechanical and electrical components that can be damaged by direct exposure to water. Also, be careful not to scratch the display window on the control panel.



Since the Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance works on counter tops, there is no professional installation required. To prepare the blender for operation, just place the Advance on a secure countertop away from water and plug the included 120-volt electrical plug into a compatible outlet.

Product Manual

Download PDF Here

Electrical Specifications

  • 120 VAC
    • 15 Amps
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