Latte Art Beginner's Pack - DVD

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Package Includes
Caffe Latte Art Video - DVD $49.95
Frothing Thermometer - Frothing Thermometer $15.00
Rattleware Stainless Steel Latte Art Pitcher - 20 oz $12.49
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So you’ve mastered the arts of espresso brewing and creating microfoam. What’s next? Latte Art. This package has everything you’ll need to get started pouring beautiful rosettas and hearts with the help of David Schomer and his Latte Art Video. Also included are a 20 oz frothing pitcher that’s pointed spout is perfect for free pouring and a frothing thermometer to ensure you don’t overheat your milk. And when you’re ready to show off those skills, you can serve your delicious, eye-pleasing drinks in our Whole Latte Love latte mugs. Please, no substitutions.

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