Beginner's Coffee Gift Pack

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Package Includes
Dual Espresso Scoop - Stainless Steel $8.99
Frothing Thermometer - Frothing Thermometer $15.00
Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar 2.2lb $25.99
Rattleware Small Round Handle Tamper - 58mm $28.96
Stainless Steel Brew Pitcher - 3 oz Brew Pitcher - Quantity: 2 $12.00
Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher - 20 oz $16.99
Value: $107.93


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The budding barista will appreciate this fantastic feast of coffee and espresso machine accessories. The Beginner’s Package includes the tools to help achieve "Espresso Nirvana." Gift packages are pre packaged and gift wrapped, ready for the shipping. Sorry, no substitutions will be accepted. The package includes the following:

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