Berlino Sciola Stainless Steel Long Drink Cappuccino Spoons

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These versatile Berlino Sciola Stainless Steel Long Drink Cappuccino Spoons are  perfect for stirring tall glasses of lemonade or adding a dollop of foam to your macchiatto. Their elegant lines and shining finish will look great on any table or counter, plus their 8 ¼” length will make them a functional addition to any kitchen. Sold in sets of 6.


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Constructed of durable stainless steel and designed to accommodate a range of cup heights, these 8 ¼” Berlino Drink Spoons are perfect for professional applications. From espresso-based drinks to specialty drinks and smoothies, these versatile and stylish spoons can be used for preparation as well as serving. No matter what types of drinks you make, Berlino Long Drink Spoons are built to handle the high demands of any business setting.

Sold in sets of 6.

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