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This Bridal Shower Game Pack includes everything you need to celebrate the blushing bride’s impending nuptials with a full set of prizes for your shower games. Listed below are 3 classic shower games, paired with gifts for your guests. The Bridal Shower Gift Pack includes 2 Teaposy Legend Tea & Coffee Mugs, the Teaposy Blossom Gift Set, and the Around the World Drip Coffee Sampler.


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Game 1

The perfect way to break the ice at a wedding shower is to find your perfect match. If you’re the host, prepare self-adhesive tags with famous names on them. As each guest arrives, stick a tag on her back. The task is for each guest to find out who she is by asking other guests questions and then she must find her match. For instance, place Mickey Mouse on one guest and Minnie Mouse on another, or Warren Beatty on one guest and Annette Bening on another. The first couple to find their match wins!
Prizes: (2) Mediterranean Espresso Cup Sets

Game 2

About 30 minutes into the shower, have all the guests sit down with a pen and paper. Ask the bride-to-be to leave the room. Have each guest write down in detail everything they can about what the bride is wearing – earrings, shoes, stockings, watch, dress, sweater, etc. The more details the better. After five minutes, the one with the most detailed description of the bride-to-be wins.
Prize: Teaposy Blossom Gift Set

Game 3

Once everyone is feeling comfortable, start the purse game. If you’re the host, make a list before the shower of common and uncommon things that can be found in a woman’s purse. For example, a hairbrush, lipstick, mirror, hand-lotion, nail file, grocery store receipt, etc. The one with the most items in their purse wins.
Prize: Around the World Drip Coffee Sampler

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