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Hopes polishes are now available to help maintain that new-machine shine and help keep it looking brand new for years. There are three polishes available, so please make sure to pick the correct one for your machine!:

Stainless Steel Polish: Low abrasive polish. Easily removes water spots, tough stains, and soap scum all while creating a brilliant shine. Good for machines like the Rancilio Silvia and Gaggia Classic –Brushed Nickel.
Brass Polish: No harsh abrasives. Easily removes tarnish, water spots, tough stains, and soap scum. Used best on high polish finishes. Not for lacquered metals. Try on your Pasquini Livia, WEGA, or Gaggia Classic- Polished Nickel or Black Nickel.
Stainless Steel Appliance Polish: This polish leaves no oily residue. It is non-abrasive; stops finger prints, all while leaving a streak free shine. Good for any surface type.


Tip: Always test a small hidden area before using the polish on the entire machine!!

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