Super Mom Gift Pack

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Package Includes
Monin Organic Syrups - Chocolate $17.95
Monin Organic Syrups - Vanilla $17.95
Whole Latte Love Monaco Whole Bean Espresso $13.95
Value: $49.85


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Mom by name, superhero by occupation. If you have the sneaking suspicion that mom is an undercover superhero, give her the gift pack that says, "I'm on to you" this Mother's Day. The Super Mom Gift Pack is faster than a speeding bullet, almost as powerful as a locomotive, and able to brew great espresso with a single touch. This gift pack includes: the Gaggia Platinum Vogue, Monin Organic Chocolate and Vanilla syrups and a one pound bag of Whole Latte Love Monaco. Even a superhero won't be able to resist!

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