Whole Latte Love Coffee and Cup Set

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Package Includes
Whole Latte Love Buzzopolis Whole Bean Espresso $13.95
Whole Latte Love Latte Cup - White - Quantity: 2 $23.00
Whole Latte Love Monaco Whole Bean Espresso $13.95
Value: $50.90


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Share the love with the Coffee & Cups Gift Pack! This Whole Latte Love branded gift pack includes two of our best-selling coffee as well a set of latte cups. Enjoy the full-bodied Buzzopolis or charming, light Monaco in 12oz latte cups, with wrap-around Whole Latte Love logos. Treat yourself, or a loved one, to this delightful gift pack and let the coffee flow freely!

About Buzzopolis: A careful blend of Central American and African whole beans brings out decadent flavors of plum, berry, spice, and smoke. This medium-dark roast produces robust brews with a velvety finish.

About Monaco: Prized Central American, Indonesian, and African beans result in a nutty flavor with fruity and spicy notes. This light roast trends on the sweeter side, delivering smooth, crema-rich espresso.

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Whole Latte Love Coffees

Posted By: DanMoraldo
Nov 11, 2010 11:24AM
Related Categories: Coffee and Espresso

Coffee and espresso are our passions, here at Whole Latte Love. The pursuit of its perfection has led us to form relationships with and offer products from more than 60 manufacturers. We carry some of the most advanced equipment on the market, from grinders to espresso machines, frothers and...

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