Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm

Capresso has always been a name synonymous with quality, and the CoffeeTeam Therm carries on this tradition with a high-performance, stylish design that will class up your kitchen and bring your coffee to life. As the only coffee maker that features both a conical burr grinder and a thermal carafe, the Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm draws high marks in quality as well as style.

The CoffeeTeam Therm sets itself apart with a built-in conical burr grinder, which provides a grind that is far superior to high-speed blade grinders that can heat your beans and cause an uneven grind. With the CoffeeTeam Therm, you get a slow, consistent grind that preserves the full flavors of your coffee. Clearly, this machine is designed to keep your coffee fresh through your last cup, and the stainless steel, vacuum thermal carafe eliminates any need for a heating plate, so your coffee can stay hot for hours without tasting old and burnt.

Gear up and get ready to brew with Capresso’s newest coffee maker

As the frontrunner in a new breed of coffee makers, the CoffeeTeam Therm is revved up and ready to brew! The solid-steel, Swiss burr grinder gives the CoffeeTeam Therm a powerful punch. The grinder features 4 grind settings for light to dark beans, and the clear plastic hopper can hold up to 80 grams of your favorite coffee. Plus, this Capresso Coffee Maker even lets you brew preground coffee without using the built-in grinder. Just remove the cover lid and fill the included Gold Tone filter with ground coffee, then start brewing with the filter holder locked in position above the thermal carafe- it’s that simple.

With such power and precision, it’s amazing that the CoffeeTeam Therm has been designed for convenience too. Capresso’s newly designed swinging filter holder is quite a surprise when you see it in action, and it proves to be a smart new way to make grinding and brewing hands-free. After you’ve filled your hopper and you’re ready to brew, swing the filter holder to its locked position underneath the grinder and press the on/off button to begin the grinding and brewing process. The CoffeeTeam Therm will do the rest, and you can just sit back and watch as the filter holder automatically swings back to its position underneath the water container lid to brew your freshly ground coffee. And, with the stop-and-serve brewing feature you can remove the carafe while brewing to pour a quick cup. One thing to remember when using a thermal carafe is that after you’ve brewed, it’s best not to replace the thermal carafe to its base. By returning the thermal carafe, the top of the carafe’s lid is pressed down, which allows heat to escape. Keeping the thermal carafe off of its base after you’ve poured your first cup, along with running warm water through your carafe before brewing will help your coffee stay hot when you reach those last few drops.

With so many features, the CoffeeTeam Therm feels like a winner

With a host of functions compiled neatly into 3 vertical control buttons, the CoffeeTeam Therm leaves other coffee makers in the dust. The digital brewing system allows you to change the amount of coffee you want to brew through the programming button, marked with a nice big "P." This clever control works as both a knob and button, so it’s very easy to scroll through each of the CoffeeTeam Therm’s programmable features as they are presented on the easy-to-read LCD display. You can use the "P" button to indicate whether you’re brewing 4,6,8 or 10 cups, and it lets you adjust the coffee strength by selecting mild, regular or strong. Each strength selection controls the amount of coffee the CoffeeTeam Therm will grind. When you’ve scrolled to the setting you want to choose, all you have to do is press the "P" button and your settings will be saved.

The CoffeeTeam Therm also features automatic brewing for up to 24 hours in advance. Although it may seem a bit confusing at first, you’ll use the "P" button to set the auto-on time and choose your brewing settings, and then press the automatic brewing button, boldly marked "A," to begin the cycle. Be careful not to press the on/off button, because that button activates the brewing cycle immediately. You can also program different brewing settings for automatic brewing by using the "P" button and choosing "AUTO" instead of "NOW" to save your preferences. Another noteworthy quirk with this powerful machine will present itself as soon as you attempt to turn the machine on. When you first plug in the CoffeeTeam Therm, you have to first set the clock, otherwise the unit will not power up. Other than these very tiny idiosyncrasies, typical programming operation could not be easier.

This stylish coffee maker comes out sparkling in the photo finish

For a coffee maker so geared up to make the highest quality coffee, the CoffeeTeam Therm also sets itself apart with its stunning new looks. Aside from the unique construction of the swinging filter holder, the CoffeeTeam Therm has the look and feel of imagination. It features a sleek black finish with stainless steel accents that compliment the polished front control panel. Thanks to the vast capabilities of the 3-button control center, there’s no need for a crowded panel of buttons and knobs. Plus, each of the 3 control buttons and LCD display are illuminated so brewing is always easy, even in the dark. Combine its sophisticated new style with a sturdy, stainless steel grinder and a durable thermal carafe, and it’s easy to see why the CoffeeTeam Therm is one of Capresso’s best designs yet.

Defending the champ with some care and maintenance

Since the CoffeeTeam Therm features a built-in grinder, it takes a little extra cleaning to ensure your coffee maker stays ahead of the competition. The filter holder swings between the grinder and water container, so coffee and water can build up on the static-free cover lid. After each brewing cycle you should wipe away residue from the lid and wash out your thermal carafe. And, to ensure the mesh in your Gold Tone filter is never clogged, it’s important to rinse it out shortly after each brewing cycle.

You should also keep your grinding unit clean by wiping away oil deposits when your hopper is empty, and be sure to follow the steps in the product manual for detailed instructions on cleaning away small coffee particles in the grinder. In addition, you can ensure you’re always getting the freshest coffee by following the instructions in your product manual to periodically remove coffee oils from the feeder channel. To help you understand how to care for your CoffeeTeam Therm further, Capresso gives you a detailed instructional DVD along with the included product manual.

Like most coffee makers without a water filter, it’s very important to descale your CoffeeTeam Therm regularly to remove mineral deposits and limescale buildup in your boiler. Capresso suggests you descale your machine with Durgol Descaler at least every 6 months, or whenever the brewing process slows down significantly.

Join the CoffeeTeam Therm in the winner’s circle

After putting the pedal to the floor with the CoffeeTeam Therm, it’s hard not to marvel at the capabilities of such a pioneering design. Staying true to Capresso’s dedication to style and performance, the CoffeeTeam Therm raises the bar even further for coffee makers of the future.

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