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Back To School Basics

Posted: 08/25/09

It's that time again! Students will be descending upon college campuses nationwide. The carefree vestiges of summer will soon be replaced by morning classes, term papers, and (ugh!) exams. Those AM classes and PM cram sessions would surely go a lot smoother with a cup of coffee or two. But those darn campus cafeterias aren't always open, that's why we've put together these Whole Latte Love care packages, designed with the student in mind. Remember, just because you've left the comforts of home behind, in search of higher education, doesn't mean you have to put up with that burnt slush that gets passed off as "coffee" on campus.

Dean's List Gift Set in silverDean's List Gift Set - Silver Or Red
We're doing our part to help you make the grade with the Dean's List Gift Set. This package contains everything you'll need to make your own dorm-room café: a Bosch Tassimo in Silver or Red, as well as Starbucks Caffe Verona, Gevalia Latte, and Suchard Hot Chocolate T-Discs.

 Starbucks Caffe box contains 12 T-Discs
 Gevalia Latte & Suchard Hot Chocolate boxes contain 8 T-Discs each


Exam Survival KitExam Survival Kit
Get through those mid-terms and finals in style with the Exam Survival Kit. With the Bosch Tassimo T65, two Whole Latte Love Latte Cups, Starbucks House Blend and Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino T-Discs, you should be in good shape... Now, sharpen that #2 pencil and put your thinking cap on!

 Starbucks House Blend box contains 12 T-Discs
 Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino box contains 8 T-Discs



GPA Booster PackGPA Booster - Starbucks T-Disc Sampler Pack
For the Starbucks lover, the GPA Booster Pack includes Africa Kitamu, Caffe Verona, House Blend, and Columbia single serve T-Discs. With such a variety of tastes and flavors to choose from, you'll be able to brew and go while everyone else waits and waits in line for their morning coffees.

 You get 12 T-Discs for each blend.


The Bosch Tassimo is the ideal on-campus Hot Beverage System, with its fully automated operation and conveniently packaged T-Discs, every student can be a barista! Dishwasher-safe parts, and automatic cleaning/descaling cycles, make this the perfect low-maintenance machine for the student on the go.