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Beating Summer Heat with a Frappé

Posted: 07/19/06

Blended FrappeEnjoyed for nearly five decades along the Mediterranean Coast and long considered the national drink of Greece, the frappé is quickly becoming an en vogue drink stateside. This icy cold, foam-covered caffeinated coffee drink gained some notoriety during the 2004 Olympics when millions of Americans converged on Athens and gulped down frappés by the gallon.

Frappés have a long history in Greece and around the Mediterranean Coast, with dozens of variations according to the Greece Ministry of Tourism. Said to have been created in 1957 during an International Trade Fair, the frappé is considered somewhat of a mainstay in Greece. Whether it’s with breakfast, lunch or after dinner, the cold, caffeinated beverage is the perfect summertime drink.

A frappé is traditionally made with instant coffee, sugar, cold water and ice, then shaken and served in a tall, frosty glass. But frappés can be made with brewed coffee and espresso too. And in some parts of Eastern Europe frappés are made with cola in place of coffee. Frappés have also been known to contain fruit, ice cream and even Kahlua or Baileys Irish Cream.

In Greece however, coffee frappés have only slight variations. Simply put, they come with or without sugar, with or without milk and either shaken or stirred. And since Greeks have been known to drink four times their share of coffee per capita, and spend hours enjoying frappés in seaside cafés, they are a true authority on this foamy, frosty drink.

Here are two delicious recipes to make at home - but you can always try your own variations!

Frappe in a blender

Plain Frappé Recipe for Single Serving

½ Cup Strong Black Coffee
½ Cup Milk
1 to 2 tsp Sugar to taste

Mix together with ice and blend or shake. Pour into a tall frosty glass and drink with a straw.

Mocha Frappé Recipe for Four or More

4 Cups Chilled Coffee
4 tbsp Instant Chocolate Powder
1 ½ Cups Milk
½ Cup Whipped Cream
4 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

Pour chilled coffee, milk and chocolate powder into blender with ice and mix. Add whipped cream and ice cream and blend. Pour into mugs and garnish with additional whipped cream.