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Luxurious Living During A Cash Crunch

Posted: 06/20/08

Feeling the cash crunch these days? Well you're not alone. Whether you realize it or not, people everywhere are pinching their pennies, and searching for ways to stretch a dollar. If you've started to rethink your spending habits, take a closer look at how much you spend at your local coffee shop.

Let's practice our fuzzy math:

If you buy two venti mochas at $4.75 a pop, that comes out to $66.50 a week! Add that up over the course of a year and you're spending over $3,400 a year on your take-out coffee! Not to mention the time and gas you'll spend going to and from the coffee shop.

With the right tools, you can have all of life's luxuries in the convenience of your own home. Investing in a quality refurbished espresso machine, where you can be your own barista is a resourceful way to combat today's financial woes.

Here are some of the best deals we've ever offered on high-end refurbished espresso machines.

Jura-Capresso Impressa E8

A true mainstay in the Jura-Capresso family. The Impressa E8 is equipped with an LED digital display system that seamlessly leads you through the brewing process. The E8 grinds, tamps, brews and steams milk for delicious cappuccinos and café lattes flawlessly. Jura Capresso Impressa E8

The Jura-Capresso Impressa E8 has user-friendly programmable buttons that brew from 1 to 16 oz of delicious espresso in seconds. And Jura-Capresso included a Thermoblock boiler that allows you to alternate between brewing and steaming thanks to its rapid high-pressure heating system.

The Impressa E8 also has a conical burr grinder with 6 settings, dual position frother, pre-infusion system, bypass doser and removable 64 oz water reservoir, making this an ideal super automatic machine for those looking for quality brewed espresso at a realistic price point.

Saeco Incanto Rapid Steam SBSSaeco Incanto Rapid Steam SBS

Brewing delicious cappuccinos and café mochas at home is even easier with the Saeco Incanto Rapid Steam SBS.

The Incanto Rapid Steam SBS features a patented two-step pre-infusion system that maximizes the amount of thick, rich crèma brewed by pre-moistening the coffee grounds allowing this super automatic espresso machine to extract the maximum amount of flavor. And the Rapid Steam System lets you alternate between brewing and steaming with little or no down time.

With features like these, plus an adjustable bypass doser, you will be making coffeehouse style drinks in a jiffy – at a fraction of the price.

Rancilio Silvia
Rancilio Silvia

Powered with commercial quality brewing components, and housed in stainless steel, the Rancilio Silvia semi-automatic espresso machine is a real powerhouse. Although it has a small footprint, and doesn't take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter, it still provides you with ample steaming power. The Silvia features a 12 oz brass boiler, which provides ample steaming power, and a chrome plated brass portafilter and brew group that gives this espresso coffee maker excellent temperature stability.

This heavy-duty machinery and sleek design have made the Rancilio Silvia one of the most popular at-home espresso machines on the market today. And at this price, you'll be brewing like a true barista at a reasonable price.