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Jura Capresso Impressa F60

Posted: 05/23/06

Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa F60With the largest water reservoir of any super automatic we carry, and a dump box that holds up to 25 spent coffee pucks before it needs to be emptied,

the Jura Capresso F60 is the perfect machine for small offices. Yet, its stylish frame uses space so efficiently that you’d never guess it’s capable of making up to 80 cups of espresso without refilling the reservoir.

Of course, the F60 still has all of the great features you’ve come to expect from Capresso, including a range of adjustable settings so it can satisfy every coffee drinker in the office. Whether you plan on using it at home or for a business, the F60 is large enough to accommodate the different tastes of any number of coffee lovers. All of the Capresso F60’s features are designed around a 1-touch brewing system, which means your machine will grind, tamp, brew, rinse and more at the press of a button.

Walk Softly, and Carry a Lot of Espresso

When you first glance at this machine, you might not notice that it features a water reservoir that is twice as large as other Capresso F-series machines. The unit itself is only about an inch larger in each direction than other models, but the F60 manages much larger storage components without sacrificing any of the ingenuity you’ve come to expect from Capresso. The F60 features a redesigned, oversized drip tray and a powerful, 1450-watt stainless steel boiler to ensure that everyone will get a hot cup of espresso with minimal wait time. Top it off with a heavy-duty pump that produces up to 18 bars of pressure, and you can be certain the F60 will produce plenty of consistent, great-tasting espresso for years to come.

The F60 features an easy to use 6-button control panel that is accompanied by an LED display to guide you through all of the machine’s functions. To begin brewing, you’ll start by using the rotary knob on the left side of the control area. This knob will allow you to adjust the liquid volume you want to dispense and the internal computer will remember your setting as the default. With each cup you can modify the brewing volume anywhere from 1 to 8 ounces, and with the height-adjustable coffee spout, you can change your cup size with ease. As you turn the dial, the amount will be shown on the F60’s LED display, and if you wish, you can change it every time you brew by turning the rotary knob. When you’re ready to brew, simply press the 1-cup button or double your selected amount by pressing the 2-cup button.

Display and buttons on the F60

The F60 also allows you to choose from 2 temperature settings and 3 coffee strength settings, giving you the choice of up to 50% more coffee per cup. Before you begin the brewing cycle, press the 1-cup button to choose between mild, normal and strong. To scroll through the choices, press the 1-cup button again. And since this unit is designed with office use in mind, the bypass doser is essential, so each person can not only adjust their coffee as it brews but choose their favorite kind to start with too. In an espresso machine of such large proportions, it may be a surprise to learn that the F60 saved room for a long list of customizable features.

It Takes 2 to Make a Cappuccino

Superior holding capabilities and full customization make the F60 a great choice, and the 2-position, stainless steel frothing wand lets you make cappuccinos and lattes any way you want. When you press the steam button on the right side of the control panel, the F60 will heat to steam temperature in about 15 seconds. The Dual Frother Plus frothing system allows you to choose between steaming or frothing, and you can use the rotary dial to adjust your steaming or frothing time anywhere from 3 to 120 seconds. For steam, simply turn the knob on the right side of the machine to the steam icon and keep the Dual Frother sleeve in the up position. For frothing, just turn the knob on the right side of the machine to the coffee cup icon and pull the frothing sleeve tFrothing/Steaming Wando the down position.

Attitude is Everything

Thanks to its surprising capacity and cool new look, the F60 adds ambition to Jura Capresso’s well-established reputation of class and style. The sleek, black finish sets this unit apart from other Capresso F-series espresso machines, and the stainless steel components and chrome-plated spout give the F60 a brilliant contrast. Plus, this unit features tinted accent lights that are hidden under the brew spout to highlight the brewing area whenever you press a button.

To compliment a smartly designed exterior, the F60 features a mirror-finished LED display that not only looks great but also walks you through every phase of the brewing process. The easy-to-read LED gives you instructions for all of the F60’s brewing and maintenance functions in your language of choice.

Put ‘Er There Partner

As with any partnership, it’s important to listen to what your F60 is telling you, and thanks to an automated alert system, listening has never been easier. The F60 will tell you when to perform routine cleanings, such as emptying your dump box and drip tray, running regular cleaning cycles, changing your water filter or descaling. Since the brew group is non-removable, you’ll use the bypass doser to run periodic cleaning cycles. Simply follow Capresso’s instructions and use Jura Cleaning Tabs to perform a cleaning cycle when your machine requests it.

In addition to following the maintenance instructions on your LED display, you should also clean the Dual Frother Plus after every use. Simply wipe away milk residue from your frothing wand with a clean, damp cloth and you’re all set. Other than cleaning your Dual Frother Plus, the F60’s display will always tell you when your machine requires maintenance.

Greatest Thing Since Drip Coffee

Capresso Impressa F60With easy-to-use controls and a surprisingly large capacity, summing up the F60 is no easy task. With ample storage space for office use but still compact enough to compliment any home kitchen, the F60 manages to combine the best of both espresso worlds. Add to it a striking exterior style and a multitude of flexible options and it’s easy to see why the Jura Capresso Impressa F60 truly shines beyond comparison.