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Capresso Impressa Z6: Easy to Love You

Posted: 10/24/06

Capresso Impressa Z6 Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Pigpen probably weren’t present when Bob Weir and pal Robert Hunter penned the verse “She’s got everything delightful, she’s got everything I need.” But if they’d known Jura Capresso was on the hunt for a little insight on the Impressa Z6 they might have gotten in on the session.

Indeed the Impressa Z6 is delightful because, like many other Jura Capresso super automatic espresso machines, the Impressa Z6 has a long list of features – a convenient bypass doser, six adjustable grind settings, five strength settings, variable temperature settings, and a two-step pre-infusion system that pre-moistens the coffee grounds, allowing the Z6 to extract the most flavorful crèma.

But what sets the Z6 apart from the other super automatic espresso machines that Jura Capresso’s Swiss engineers have designed are the two stainless steel-lined thermoblock boilers that are the powerhouse behind the one-touch cappuccino brewing system. This one-touch system brings you delicious tasting cappuccino absolutely effortlessly. And we’re emphasizing the word effortlessly.

One Touch System – The Greatest Story Ever Told

Equipped with Jura Capresso’s signature one-touch Auto Cappuccino System (ACS), the Impressa Z6 lets you make delicious cappuccinos in seconds. So after you’ve gone through the normal routine, like adding water, beans and milk, adjust the dial on the ACS to the cappuccino setting and put your cup under the ACS spout.

Auto Cappuccino System Dial

As soon as you press the button, the Z6 will grind your beans and then draw milk automatically out of the included external stainless-steel thermal container. The Z6 will steam and froth the milk and dispense it automatically into your cup along with espresso, creating a cappuccino or latte in one step.

To brew a cappuccino or latte using this system, simply move the ACS dial so it is pointing to either the cappuccino or latte icon. The cappuccino setting will draw 20 seconds worth of milk – the latte will draw 15 seconds of milk out of the stainless-steel thermal container. There is also a setting on the ACS dial to rinse the system – after 10 minutes of non-use - simply turn the black dial to the rinse icon.

The sleek looking, stainless-steel thermal container that milk is drawn out of will store cold milk for up to eight hours.

Operations - Go On My Friend, Do Anything You Choose

Operating the one-touch cappuccino Auto Cappuccino System is easy because the control center on the Z6 is extremely straightforward. There are eight polished push buttons that operate everything from steaming milk to dispensing a double shot of espresso.

Close up of shots brewing

There are four buttons located to the left of the mirrored LED display panel. Each button operates a specific feature. For instance, the first button on the left operates the milk frothing and steaming feature, the second controls the one-touch cappuccino system, the third operates the personal, programmable favorite coffee feature, and the fourth dispenses hot water.

In addition to the four buttons on the left of the mirrored LED display, there are four buttons on the right of the display panel as well. The first allows you to brew one-cup of espresso, the second button allows you to brew two-cups of espresso, the third button brews one-cup of coffee, and the fourth button, when depressed, brews two-cups of coffee. Each of these four buttons is programmable, so you can choose how much coffee is used in each shot before it is dispensed through the central brew spout.

Once you press any of these buttons the Z6 comes to life – and the Impressa begins to grind your beans in the top-loading oversized 10 oz bean hopper, ready to make any drink you choose.

Customization - Something To Make Us All Feel Happy

The Z6 is equipped with a rotary dial that lets you override many of the preset features and control almost every aspect of brewing your espresso shot. You can make anything from ristrettos to café crèmas by simply turning the dial.

Now, in the instance you choose to modify the coffee strength and liquid volume setting, simply use the rotary dial and follow the menu on the display panel. To adjust the volume of your grind between 5 and 16 grams, turn the rotary dial. To adjust the strength of your coffee between 1 and 8 oz, turn the rotary dial before brewing.

LED display panel

You can also choose to modify the preset length of time the Z6 steams and froths milk. The factory preset is 20 seconds for a cappuccino and 15 seconds for a latte – but if you would rather customize it, simply adjust it by using the dial.

The rotary dial also enables you to use the bypass doser. The bypass doser on the Jura Capresso Impressa Z6 allows you to brew espresso using pre-ground coffee instead of the whole beans that are in the hopper – a great feature for frequent entertainers or those of us who simply like a little variety. To operate the bypass doser, use the provided scoop to add one or two scoops of pre-ground coffee into the discrete funnel on the top of the machine. Then, place a cup under the coffee spout and choose the coffee size you want to brew.

Programming Beyond Brewing - You Don’t Have To Ask

In addition to operating the bypass doser, the rotary dial also controls features like programming the clock, changing the display to metric, activating the Clearyl filter, running a cleaning and decalcifying cycle, changing the names of the features to something more personal or selecting one of six languages.

Low-level bean sensor

By turning the dial, you can also view the number of cups you have brewed and count the cleaning cycles that have been completed, as well as program the energy saving feature.

And just below the dial, the LED display panel will notify you of anything that requires immediate attention – such as filling the water tank, emptying the used ground container, emptying the drip tray and changing the Clearyl filter. Another bonus on the Z6 is the laser beam in the bean hopper that acts as a low-level bean sensor.

The Impressa Z6 also notifies you when to decalcify the machine. Simply select decalcifying on the rotary dial, dissolve three cleaning tablets in 20 oz of water, pour the solution into the water reservoir and press the rinse button on the top of the machine. The entire process of decalcifying the machine will take approximately 35 minutes. After the process is finished, rinse and fill the reservoir with fresh cold water and press the rinse button again.

The Long Haul - Built To Last

The Jura Capresso Z6 will continue to impress you beyond its long list of features - its sturdy ABS plastic frame that is encompassed by a chrome-plated aluminum finish is pretty eye-catching too. Weighing in at 30 pounds, the Z6 is one of the sturdiest machines around. With its chrome-plated, die-cast zinc drip tray cover that is designed to catch spillover and wastewater, and its oversized 96 oz water reservoir that blends discretely into the side of the machine, the Z6 is a sight to behold.

The combination of sleek, curvy chrome-plated aluminum accents and an almost endless list of brewing options make the Jura Capresso Impressa Z6, bar none, one of the best super-automatics on the market today - a truly exquisite espresso machine.