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We've Got Lots Of Winners!

Posted: 03/20/08

We've got lots of winners!

Congratulations to everyone who solved the Luck of the Irish Clover Contest. We had hundreds of people figure out the answer and take advantage of the 7% savings.

Ashford CastleSo in the instance you stumble upon a leprechaun in County Maryo, Ireland and count clovers with him in Ashford Castle's 170,430,000 Irish acre estate, he'll tell you that there is one four-leaf clover in 10,000 three-leaf clovers. Do some quick math and you'll figure out there are .088 three-leaf clovers per square meter, ending up with 1499.784 four-leaf clovers in all.

Wow! That's a lot of four-leaf clovers, especially when you're lucky enough to have a $1 for every one. Hope you figured out to watch the Gaggia Titanium SS video – where the machine was priced at $1,499.00.

Congratulations again to everyone who took the challenge and played the Luck of the Irish Clover Contest. Éire go brách!