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July 2009 Volume LXV

Posted: 10/22/09

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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - July 2009, Volume LXV
In This Issue
1 Product Spotlight: Which Espresso Machine Is Best For You?
2 Coffee Cures: Bad Breath
3 When Robots Make Coffee....
4 Factoid: Coffee You Can Eat - Solid Espresso
5 Blog: Latte Art Printer - Unfair Advantage Or Cool Tool?
5 Facebook Fan Contest!
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Factoid: Coffee You Can Eat - Solid Espresso

Ferran Adrià named one of the best chefs in the world by the European Restaurant Ranking, is the mastermind behind “èspesso”—a solid espresso. Èspesso reportedly maintains the full flavor and aroma of regular coffee, while delivering a foamy consistency, similar to mousse. It sprays out of a can....

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Whole Latte Love Blog: Latte Art Printer?

By Tho

Latte art is takes time, practice, and patience to perfect. Or does it? A skill, nurtured and cherished, by talented baristas worldwide is getting some stiff competition, compliments of modern technology.

The OnLatte Foam Printer, invented by Oleysiy Pikalo, actually has the ability to create intricate artwork and letters with its robotic arm. Instead of espresso, images are printed on the foam, using brown edible ink....

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Product Spotlight: Gaggia Espresso - Which Espresso Machine Is Best For You?
Gaggia Espresso Line

Supers, semis, manuals, single serves, oh my! With all the different machines available at Whole Latte Love, it can be hard to figure out which one is best suited for your needs. Even with our serious online archive of reviews, videos, and articles, designed to help you make an educated buying decision, the assessment process can still seem daunting.

Matching an espresso machine to your needs or style, as we like to call it, is the most important decision you can start with. If the machine does not offer the proper balance of "ease of use" to "user control" to match your style, then the experience and the outcome will be less then optimal. Not a good thing!

That's why we've decided to put together this fun little pop quiz to help you decide. Don't worry, this isn't the kind of test you have to study for, just grab a pen and piece of paper, keep track of your answers and we'll have you matched up to the perfect machine in no time!...

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Coffee Cures: Bad Breath

PeppermintsTic Tacs, Doublemint, and a latte? According to researchers at Tel Aviv University, the cure for bad breath isn’t just found in breath mints and gum; coffee can also do the job!

Old sentiments used to suggest that coffee was one of the many culprits that caused bad odors in the mouth. But, Mel Rosenberg, the breath specialist (Imagine what you’d have to endure to earn that title!) at the University, found that coffee can neutralize certain bacteria that lead to bad breath. The researchers incubated saliva with different brands of coffee to study the effects—which turned out to have anti-bacterial properties, similar to those found in plant extracts....

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When Robots Make Coffee....

Coffee making robotI think super automatics are pretty snazzy; they can grind, brew, and froth assorted drinks with just the push of a button. But, apparently, a Japanese inventor by the name of Mujaki saw room for improvements, of sorts. Enter Hina, Robo-Barista! Standing 36 cm tall, the cartoonish robot is capable of manually grinding coffee beans and placing them in a coffee filter. She can also add water to make drip coffee, as well as pour the contents into a cup....

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