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September 2009 Volume LXVII

Posted: 10/22/09

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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - September 2009, Volume LXVII
In This Issue
1 Product Spotlight: Expobar Brewtus III
2 A Cup Of Joe Around The World - Coffee Costs
3 Genetically Engineered Coffee Brews Controversy
4 Factoid: Strong Java For Good Health
5 Blog: Coffee & Culture: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
5 Congratulations, Facebook Winners!
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Factoid: Strong Java For Good Health

Java has been linked to reduced risks of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and more. To completely realize coffee’s risk deduction benefits, most people need to consume between four and six cups a day and, it seems, the stronger the brew, the greater the payoff....

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Whole Latte Love Blog: A Coffee Prescription For The Doctors

By Tho

...I was introduced to Ethiopian cuisine more than five years ago. The Injera is a must-try, but what struck me the most was the prevalence of coffee...the restaurant was nearly overflowing with it. Come to find out, coffee's kind of a big deal....

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Toast Of The Town - Facebook Winners!

Every week, Whole Latte Love holds a trivia contest on our Facebook page. For the month of August, we've given away eight pounds of our signature coffee to four lucky trivia contest winners. But, that's not all! Last month was particularly busy for our facebook page. Two lucky winners also took home a Handpresso and Bosch Tassimo, just for being fans! Check out our winners, listed below... and if you haven’t already done so, become a Whole Latte Love facebook fan for your chance to win!

Product Spotlight: Expobar Brewtus III
Capresso Cafe, Bosch Tassimo, DeLonghi Gran Dama 6700The Expobar Brewtus III has been gracing the Whole Latte Love kitchen counter for almost a year now. I, personally, can’t imagine a better coffee companion for our office. Not only is this machine pleasing to the eye with its sleek, stainless-steel construction, The Brewtus III is also rock solid—a good thing considering the amount of use it sees on a daily basis. Whole Latte Love considers the Brewtus III to be a Prosumer machine, which means it has commercial-grade parts and is capable of being used in small-office environments. (Prosumer machines can be used in small commercial settings without voiding your warranty!)....

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"Expobar's near obsession with heat stability pays off with the Brewtus III"
A Cup Of Joe Around The World - Coffee Costs

A Cup Of The WorldWhen I spent a month in Vietnam this summer, I was shocked and delighted to discover that I could get my java on for roughly 50 cents a cup. Which got me wondering, how much your typical cup of coffee, the world’s second most traded commodity, sells for in other countries....

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"The former Soviet Union is now home to the priciest coffee on'll be parting with a whopping $10.19 for that morning coffee! "

Genetically Engineered Coffee Brews Controversy

Tassimo Dean's List Gift PackYesterday, I eyed my latte with unprecedented suspicion. What good was the organic syrup if Franken-beans had made their way into my cup? It seems as though I’m not the only one taking notice.

Lawmakers recently passed a ban preventing genetically engineered coffee from being planted Hawaii. The move protects the famed Kona beans from potentially being contaminated by genetically modified crops....

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"It’s not just the reputation of prestigious coffee on the line.
There are some serious ethical issues at stake."

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