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October 2009 Volume LXVIII

Posted: 10/22/09

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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - October 2009, Volume LXVIII
In This Issue
1 Product Spotlight: FrancisFrancis! X7
2 Entertaining With Coffee This Holiday Season
3 Coffee Counter Couture—Philanthropic DeLonghi Artista Series
4 Factoid: Busting The Myth: Coffee & Health
5 Blog: Collagen Coffee... Really?!
5 Contest Extravaganza: Great Pumpkin Contest IV

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Busting The Myth: Coffee and Health

We've all heard the quiet whispers and those rumors regarding coffee through the grapevine. Well, we're putting our foot down at Whole Latte Love; sometimes, enough is enough. It's time to examine two popular health-related coffee myths and determine, once and for all, what's fact and what's fiction....

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Whole Latte Love Blog: Collagen Coffee... Really?!

By Tho

When it comes to my coffee, I expect a great many things: great flavor, aroma, and crema—all at the right temp. Most importantly, I've come to rely on that jolt of energy that comes with a good espresso. But, coffee can only do so much right?...

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Contest Extravaganza: Great Pumpkin Contest IV

October has been a busy month for Whole Latte Love, not only have we been keeping up with our weekly Facebook trivia, we've also started the Great Pumpkin Contest IV. Just in time for Halloween, we're asking you to guess the weight of a huge pumpkin, discovered by our Sales & Customer Service Manager. And, then guess how many Gaggia Espresso Color machines equal the pumpkin's weight and you'll have a chance to win one of two great prizes.

A Grand Prize winner will take home a Gaggia Espresso Color and Whole Latte Love Signature Coffee and our runner-up will receive a Handpresso Wild and Gaggia ESE pods. Make sure you submit your entries to by October 31 for your chance to win!

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Product Spotlight: FrancisFrancis! X7 For ESE Pods and Ground
FrancisFrancis! X7 for ESE pods and groundThe FrancisFrancis line is one of my personal favorites. Perhaps it's due to my affinity for a certain Steven Spielberg movie from the early 80s—every time I look at a distinctive FrancisFrancis, I can't help but picture a loveable animatronic alien squirming in Drew Barrymore's little arms. And, like ET, the X7 for Grounds and Pods is a curious little thing....

...If you ask me, the X7 is the perfect espresso machine for the coffee lover on a budget. Not only is it versatile, the X7's striking design can brighten any kitchen....

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"For the environmentally conscious among us, Illy and FrancisFrancis are among the greenest coffee choices available on the marketplace."
Entertaining With Coffee This Holiday Season

Rancilio Essentials PackBelieve it or not, the holidays are just around the corner. This year, why not give your guests a reprieve from the office "coffee" in favor of a rich espresso or decadent cappuccino?...

...Whether you're entertaining family for the holidays or just having friends over for the game, let flavorful, aromatic beverages be a part of the party, your guests will thank you for it!....

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"We've got everything ... to help you host an event to remember."

Coffee Counter Couture—Philanthropic DeLonghi Artista Series

DeLonghi Perfecta Artista SeriesCoffee and art is a marriage made in heaven. Coffee shops have long been fertile ground for the creative segment of our population and nearly every café displays some sort of art as a part of its décor. Italian espresso machine manufacturer, DeLonghi has certainly embraced the creative, incorporating vibrant artwork into the design of its super-automatic Perfecta.

The first-edition DeLonghi Artista Series features original art by ten of the world's elite fashion, jewelry, and interior designers, as well as illustrators and graphic artists. The designs have been laser-etched onto the front panels of select DeLonghi Perfectas—the pieces have an extremely limited run, with no more than 10 units available per designer....

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"DeLonghi and the affiliated artists committed to donating 100% of the proceeds to Oxfam America, an international relief fund committed to combating poverty and injustice. "

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