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February 2010 Volume LXX

Posted: 02/26/10

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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - February 2010, Volume LXX
In This Issue
1 Product Spotlight - Espresso Champs
2 Coffee Cupping At Home
3 Not Your Average Cafes....
4 Coffee Factoid: Untitled Espresso Machine
5 Whole Latte Love Blog: The Demise Of The Coffee Cart
5 Spot And Facebook Winners!
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Factoid: Coffee Could Lower Risk of Endometrial Cancer

Remember those Hypercolor shirts from the late 80s, early 90s? You know the ones that changed colors when they came into contact with heat? Now, re-imagine them in the form of an espresso machine....

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Whole Latte Love Blog: The Demise of the Coffee Cart

The Seattle Times recently ran a piece on the city's dwindling coffee cart presence. It seems, the city at the center of the American coffee craze, is down to only one sidewalk coffee stand.

Amazingly enough it was the coffee cart that birthed some of the country's most prestigious names in espresso. La Marzocco and Espresso Vivace anyone? It's true; world-famous barista David Schomer pushed big wheels in Capitol Hill when he first started Espresso Vivace. Kent Bakke and John Blackwell of La Marzocco made their first cart, before such a thing was available for sale. So, why has this star-making tradition gone the way of the dodo?

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Spot And Facebook Winners!

Gaggia asked Whole Latte Love members to submit photos of their cup counters for its “Most Cups Brewed” Contest. The first place winner, Blair Beavers had an impressive 11,695 cups on her counter, which earned her a Handpresso Wild. Second place went to Joe Hummel, with a count of 10,202 cups; he won a set of six Gaggia logo espresso cups and saucers. Greg Godwin took home third place and will receive two 8.8oz cans of Gaggia Intenso Whole Bean for his cup count of 7,964.

Our facebook fans also came out in full force last month, as we asked everyone to tell us what separates the average coffee drinkers from the fanatics and collected mouth watering recipes. Congratulations go out to the following fans; they all took home two pounds of Whole Latte Love Signature Coffee:

Norman F. (Royal Palm Beach, FL), Mike P. (Washington, DC), Devon M. (Snoqualmie, WA), Liz F. (Fredricksburg, VA)

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you check out our facebook profile and our Contests Page for your chance to win.

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WOW Of The Week! Only 7 Days To Save!
Product Spotlight - Espresso Champs: Jura Impressa C5, Gaggia Baby Twin, Baratza Vario

 As Team USA goes for the gold at the Vancouver Olympics, the world is treated a field of leading athletes with diverse strengths and talents. Not unlike the Olympians, our machines each offer something unique, holding their own based on rather impressive merits.

The All-Around Athlete
The Jura Impressa C5 has got the whole package; an automatic coffee center, this machine would be one of the rare athletes capable of competing for medals in multiple events.

The Crowd Favorite
A favorite of semi-automatic enthusiasts, the Gaggia Baby Twin commands attention. Like all great Olympians, it has heart…But in this case, the “heart” comes in the form of double boilers, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition.

The Perfectionist
Many Olympians earn their place on the podium by delivering impossibly precise performances; the Baratza Vario would be a part of this elite group. Thanks to dual-cam grind adjustments with 230 settings, the Vario grinds with accuracy, delivering grounds perfect for anything from drip coffee to Italian espresso.

Full Story - Product Spotlight

" matter what your preferences we’ve got a winning machine that will have you grinding, brewing, and frothing like a champion."
Coffee Cupping At Home - A Beginner's Guide

 All too often, coffee gets gulped down in the wee morning hours without a second thought. While coffee drinkers may instinctively know the difference between awful and great coffee, not many have the wherewithal to be able to articulate the reasoning behind their preferences. Enter the Master Tasters. Elevating the art of coffee to a full-fledged profession, these connoisseurs have become fixtures on the espresso scene. So prized is the ability to pick up on obscure and subtle notes that one taster, Gennaro Pelliccia of Costa Coffee, has even had his taste buds insured for a whopping £10 million. But, the art of cupping isn’t just for the pros. We’re going give you a play-by-play of how it’s done, so you can try it at home! Cleanse those palates and let the cupping begin.

Full Story - Coffee Cupping

"Late mornings and afternoons are best; allow plenty of time in between meals to perform a proper tasting."

Not Your Average Cafes... The World's Most Unique Places To Sip A Latte

 Tired of generic coffee chains with uninspired atmospheres and consistently mediocre drinks? Have we got the cure for you! From borderline inappropriate to fashionably clad and simply jaw dropping, these eccentric cafes will have you sipping your java in anything but familiar ground.

ID, Please.
Surely Larry-Flynt approved Maine’s now-infamous Grand View Topless Coffee Shop has had its fair share of drama since opening in February 2009. Burnt to the ground, in an apparent case of arson a few months after setting up shop; the coffeehouse reopened for business late last year. This risqué café is one of the few places that checks IDs for coffee.

Cuddly Cafe
Doubling as a Rent-A-Cat center, the Cat Café Calico in Tokyo offers feline companion services to lonely patrons in search of a kitty cuddle. One of Calico’s house rules, never wake a napping cat. Sound advice, indeed. Commitment-free pet rentals and lattes are available seven days a week.

Full Story - Unique Cafes

"Caffè and fashion…how fundamentally Italian...Gucci has gone haute caffè."

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