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March 2010 Volume LXXI

Posted: 03/15/10
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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - March 2010, Volume LXXI
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Product Spotlight:
DeLonghi - Tasteful Espresso

2 Vendi, Vedi, Vici: Troubleshooting & Conquering Your Espresso Routine
3 Coffee Shops and Wi-Fi:
A Controversy Is Brewing
4 Coffee Factoid: Heart Health
5 Whole Latte Love Blog: To Freeze Or Not To Freeze?
5 Facebook Winners!
Coffee Factoids: Heart Health

Contrary to conventional wisdom, consuming coffee may be good for your heart. According to findings, presented at the American Heart Association's 50th Annual Conference, people who consumed one to three cups a day reduced their risk of being hospitalized for cardiac dysrhythmia by 7%; drinking four or more cups a day lowers risks by nearly 18%....

More Factoids

Whole Latte Love Blog: To Freeze Or Not To Freeze?

Coffee, freezer. Freezer, coffee. The question of whether or not these two should meet has been a topic of contention for many coffee consumers. Say you stocked up of your favorite coffee, what's the best way to safeguard your stash?

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Spot And Facebook Winners!

We found the biggest coffee lovers on facebook and awarded eight pounds of Whole Latte Love Signature Coffee on this month. The contest winners were:

Susan W. (Baltimore, MD), Heidi B. (Blue Bell, PA), Christopher S. (Norton, VA), Mike W. (Auburn, WA)

Think you’ve got what it takes to take home the prize? Join us on facebook for your chance to win! We may be upping the ante in April; stay tuned for more info and bring your A game, the competition is sure to heat up!

If you haven't already done so, make sure you check out our facebook profile for your chance to win.

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WOW Of The Week! Only 7 Days To Save!

Product Spotlight - DeLonghi - Tasteful Espresso

Interior design is one of my many obsessions. Modern aesthetics are my weakness; drop me off at an Ikea or CB2 and I may never re-emerge. It follows that my design fixation should lead me straight to Delonghi....

 With a stainless-steel body, innovative touch panel technology, and a long list of high-end features the Gran Dama 6700 is one of Whole Latte Love's most well-equipped super-automatic espresso machines. This brewing machine has an integrated burr grinder and double stainless steel boilers to deliver fresh, fast, and temperature-consistent beverages with its Direct-to-Brew System.

One of our most affordable semi-automatic espresso machines, the Delonghi Esclusivo EC702 still has most of the bells and whistles. This model can adapt to accommodate both grounds and ESE pods, thanks to a Dual Function Filter Holder.

 If you're the kind of person who likes to make a strong statement, the Lattissima line may just be the ticket. Both the 660.R and the EN680.M will allow you to use Nespresso capsules to brew your favorite beverages.


 These all-in-one Delonghi machines can brew espresso and coffee simultaneously thanks to their separate heating elements and water reservoirs. The most popular choice for coffee and espresso lovers, the Caffe Nero can also steam/froth milk and dispense water using an integrated steam wand.

 The Delonghi DC514T offers a simple and convenient way to prepare a cup of Joe. With its long list of features, this model is a great value. Take advantage of the 24-hour programmable timer and wake up to fresh coffee every morning and use the dedicated aroma button if you're brewing only a few cups for full-flavored java.

Full Story - DeLonghi Spotlight

"The DeLonghi super automatics all maintain their design and manufacture in Italy. Each machine goes through an extensive quality control process; handmade by a series of Artisans and tested 20 times before it can leave the factory to be sold."
Vendi, Vedi, Vici... Troubleshooting and Conquering Your Espresso Routine

 Grind. Tamp. Brew. If you've been practicing your espresso routine religiously and still have trouble pulling the perfect shot, we're here to help! By fixing a few common mistakes, you'll have the Golden Rule as well as other espresso-making nuisances conquered in no time...and once you do, you'll have no trouble being your own barista.

- A double shot is 2 to 2.5 fluid ounces of water pulled through approximately 14 grams of ground coffee in about 20 to 25 seconds.

- A single shot is 1 to 1.5 fluid ounces of water pulled through approximately 7 grams of ground coffee in about 20 to 25 seconds.

Full Story - Vendi, Vedi, Vici

"If you’re using pre-ground coffee, you may find it difficult to produce that nice, thick, caramel-colored crema; so stick to freshly ground beans, if possible or else consider a pressurized filter basket."

Coffee Shops And WiFi - A Controversy Is Brewing

 Coffee shops have always been cultural capsules, of sorts. Visit a local establishment and you'll instantly get a feel for the vibe of the neighborhood and its java loving inhabitants. From posh to trendy, artsy and eclectic, coffee shop vibes have been known to run the gamut. But, aside from the presence of coffee, most cafes usually have something else in common—wi-fi.

As corporate America goes mobile and unemployment sends job seekers in search of wired havens, coffeehouses have become surrogate work spaces for the laptop endowed. However, amidst tough economic times, coffee shop owners—who courted computer wielding clienteles at the turn of the century—are starting to rethink the love affair. 

Full Story - Wi-Fi and Coffee on the Side

"Whereas free wi-fi used to be a novel way to attract customers, a perk if you will, it has become a prerequisite to doing business and a liability for some cafes."

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