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April 2010 Volume LXXII

Posted: 04/16/10
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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - April 2010, Volume LXXII
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Product Spotlight: Gaggia TS

2 Coffee Spotlight:
Lavazza - The Italian Favorite
3 Are You Peaberry Savvy?
4 Coffee Factoid: Coffee Cup Island
5 Whole Latte Love Blog:
Green Up Your Coffee Routine
5 Mother's Day Contest:
Win A Gaggia Espresso Color
Coffee Factoids: Coffee Cup Island

A few years ago, Amsterdam's Studio Noach set out to build floating homes made of recycled polystyrene—commonly found in hamburger clamshells, packing materials, and coffee cups. Today, the green dream has grown…into a full-fledged island!

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Whole Latte Love Blog: Green Up Your Coffee Routine

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, we're taking a look at easy ways to green up your coffee routine. Making Earth-friendly espresso requires a little creativity, check out our take on it.

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Mother's Day Contest - Win A Gaggia Espresso Color

Mother's Day - Don't Forget Mom On May 9th! Do you have the world's greatest mom? Give us a creative video of the top 10 reasons why your mom deserves to win. We may surprise her with a Gaggia Espresso Color for Mother's Day!

You can submit your entry by:

Posting it on our Facebook wall

Uploading the clip to Make sure that "Whole Latte Love – Mother's Day Contest" is the title of your Youtube video and send a copy of the link to

Make sure you enter by 4/30. Our panel of judges will be looking for the most entertaining and creative video. We’ll announce the winner on 5/3 and send the gift out just in time for Mother’s Day!


WOW Of The Week! Only 7 Days To Save!

Product Spotlight - Gaggia TS

Gaggia TSLet's face it; one of the biggest perks of working at Whole Latte Love is the coffee. No more burnt sludge from a coffee maker that has clearly passed its prime! The moment I signed on at Whole Latte Love, I signed off on bad coffee. As you can imagine, the espresso flows freely here, as do the lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, Americanos, and what not.

You know how "fashionistas" salivate at the mere thought of the Vogue shoe closet? Well, we've got the espresso enthusiasts' version right here—a brew room, filled floor to ceiling with every super, semi, manual, coffee maker, single serve, grinder, and frother imaginable. I know, I know, I'm bragging...

Oftentimes, we get machines way before they are available for retail, so that our tech and customer service reps can familiarize themselves with the products and offer educated advice from day one. It was in the brew room that I found the Gaggia TS on arrival, surrounded by excited Whole Latte Love staffers. We had gotten word that a Gaggia prosumer was on its way and the anticipation had been building for months. This is one of the few machines that get even the espresso veterans buzzing. So, naturally I was curious and pulled the "I'm-the-writer-let-me-test-the-machine" card. With the Gaggia name attached to a prosumer machine, I knew this was bound to be good...Just how good, I was about to find out...

Full Story - Gaggia TS Spotlight

"Top it off with a thermostat-operated, electronically heated brew group and state-of-the-art heat exchanger…What you've got is a recipe for great espresso."
Coffee Spotlight: Lavazza - The Italian Favorite

Lavazza CoffeesWhole Latte Love always has Lavazza on hand...always. There's good reason for it. As "Italy's Favorite Coffee" and the brainchild of the late, great Luigi Lavazza this celebrated brand has done what others can only dream of: innovating while remaining true to tradition.

Lavazza coffees come from all over the world, harvested from exotic locals such as Africa, Asia, South and Central America. The company takes great care to customize its roasting process to suit the specific needs of the beans, resulting in truly refined coffee. However, a conversation about Lavazza is never complete without a discussion about the company's renowned coffee blending processes. More than a century ago, Luigi Lavazza originated the concept of "the blend"—carefully selected mixtures of different coffee varieties that create complex and satisfying taste profiles. Today, Lavazza continues to be a trailblazer with its creative 100% Arabica as well as Arabica-Robusta blends. The Lavazza 100% Arabica blends are said to be sweeter and more aromatic compared to Arabica-Robusta offerings, which yield more full-bodied, flavorful brews.

Full Story - Lavazza Coffee Spotlight

"Regardless of whether you brew with pods, beans, or pre-ground coffee,
there's a Lavazza perfect for you."

Are You Peaberry Savvy? Get A Taste Of The

 Have you ever seen a litter of, well...anything—cats, dogs, pigs, etc? Most of the time, there's a runt in the litter. It's usually the little one that gets stepped on by its siblings and shunned by the mother—the underdog (no pun intended).

In the coffee world, peaberries are the runt of the crops. It wasn't so long ago that farmers were sorting out and discarding peaberries from their harvest, just as they would treat other damaged and undesirable beans. Though, once shunned as defective goods, peaberries are pulling a 180, winning over more fans than ever. So, what exactly is a peaberry?

Full Story - Are You Peaberry Savvy?

"All the oils and minerals, spread out over a greater surface area in normal coffee beans, have been condensed into jam-packed peaberries. The result is a cup of coffee or shot of espresso that could really be considered a delicacy."

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