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May 2010 Volume LXXIII

Posted: 05/11/10
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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - May 2010, Volume LXXIII
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Product Spotlight:
Expobar Office Lever Plus

2 Coffee Spotlight:
Maromas Premium Coffee
3 When In Rome: Coffee the Italian Way
4 Coffee Factoid: Coffee Trumps Nap
5 Whole Latte Love Blog:
The Knock-Off Chronicles
5 Expert Answers from the
Whole Latte Love Spot
Coffee Factoids: Coffee Trumps Nap

Have a job that requires you to be efficient and accurate? Believe it or not, you’ll benefit more from a cup of Joe than you would catching a few Z’s.

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Whole Latte Love Blog: The Knock-Off Chronicles

First comes the real deal; then comes the knock off. It’s an unbroken circle of life. Those monogrammed Louis Vuitton handbags? They were once reserved for the rich, now every 12-year-old within a subway-radius of a street vendor has one.

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Expert Answers From The Whole Latte Love Spot

The Spot has given our staff/resident experts the unique opportunity to interact with Whole Latte Love fans, customers, and coffee lovers alike. We’ve had a chance to engage in conversation and answer questions from all over the world. We figured, why not share a thought-provoking question with you? Maybe it’ll help you out with a coffee dilemma of your own.

From Deanna M:
This question is about all the Illy pods. I have a Gaggia classic, and when I use the pods with a 20-25 second pull, I only get about 1/10 of an ounce of coffee. Why?

Here’s what our expert, WholeLatteLoveS had to say:
The 20-25 second shot timing is the standard for brewing with ground coffee. This does not apply to brewing with pods. When using pods, brew until your cup has reached the amount you wish to brew.

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WOW Of The Week! Only 7 Days To Save!

Product Spotlight - Expobar Office Lever Plus

Expobar Office Lever PlusCalling all coffee aficionados! If you’re looking for a professional brewing experience in a home setting, take an extra-hard look at the Expobar Office Lever Plus. One of the most exciting machines to make its debut this spring, this upgraded and plumbable Expobar model gives you the option of plugging directly into a water source. An endless water supply means you won’t have to rely on the water tank for your brewing needs. Of course, if you prefer to use it, the 120oz removable reservoir definitely won’t disappoint.

Well-respected, the Office Lever line is known for its remarkable build quality and commercial components including: the professional-grade copper boilers, as well as a heavy-duty chrome-plated marine brass E61 brew group and portafilter. The Expobar Office Lever Plus has been updated to include a no-burn steam wand, a definite plus in our book. With its heat-exchanger, you won’t have to think twice about brewing and frothing simultaneously; if you’ve got more than one coffee drinker in the house this makes a huge difference during those busy mornings. Of course, prosumer staples like a three-way solenoid valve and low-water sensor are standard in this fully-equipped machine. You’ll also have a unique pressure controller that monitors boiler pressure and automatically activates the heating element if it drops.

Full Story - Expobar Office Lever Plus

"Aside from the impressive list of features, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised
by the Expobar Office Lever Plus’s shiny good looks."
Coffee Spotlight: Maromas Premium Coffee

Maromas CoffeesA relatively new brand to Whole Latte Love, Maromas has a diverse portfolio of specialty coffee—all rooted in the best origins around the world and steeped in tradition. With a strong following in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Maromas blends have been embraced by the most prestigious names in hospitality including the Roberto Cavalli Club, Intercontinental Hotel, The Emirates Palace Hotel, and many more. At the core of the company’s mission to deliver unforgettable blends is the belief that "A cup of coffee has started, improved or even saved uncountable human relationships."

Maromas’s careful cultivation of close relationships with farmers and roasters worldwide has lead to the creation a number of unique coffees including the Arabea Premium Blend Espresso—full-flavored Arabica beans great for milk-based beverages. Fans of Robusta-Arabica blends should check out the Maromas Orphea and Marmea Mild espressos, both of which boast rich, persistent crema.

Full Story - Maromas Coffee Spotlight

"Carefully chosen and roasted, these Maromas beans should be tried,
at least once, by true espresso lovers."

When In Rome - Coffee The Italian Way

 In a scene from The Sopranos, one of the main characters unleashes an expletive-rich rant on Starbucks and its bastardization of the Italian coffee culture. In real life, the company that has permeated virtually every corner of the developed world has yet to set up shop Italy…Even though its founder is said to have been influenced by the Italian coffee scene. So, what is it about this boot-shaped country and its favorite beverage that is so powerful? Now that coffee is a world-wide phenomenon, what was espresso meant to be in the first place?

Like an Italian
Most Italians can spot a tourist on demand. Sometimes, it’s through the usual giveaways: a camera strapped to the neck or the liberal butchering of the native language. But other times, it’s by the person’s beverage of choice. Yes, your drink is showing.

Full Story - Coffee the Italian Way

"According to the Coffee Research Institute, the majority of Italian baristas
have over a decade of experience behind the counter."

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