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June 2010 Volume LXXIV

Posted: 06/12/10
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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - June 2010, Volume LXXIV
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Product Spotlight:
Jura XS90 One Touch

2 Coffee Spotlight:
Gaggia Coffee
3 Meet The Bloggers And Join The Conversation
4 Do I Really Need A Grinder?
5 Coffee Factoid: Coffee Bikes
6 Whole Latte Love Blog:
Could Your Coffee Use Some Salt?
7 Expert Answers From The
Whole Latte Love Spot
Insider Advice: Do I Really Need A Grinder?

One of the most common questions our sales reps are faced with concerns the necessity of having a grinder. It sometimes feels as though grinders play less than even second fiddle to their espresso machine and coffee counterparts. Understandable, as espresso machines have a certain “wow factor” to them. They look great on the countertop and never fail to impress.

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Coffee Factoids: Coffee Bikes

We told you about the decline of the coffee cart in one of our blogs; it seems one door may be opening as another closes. Putting a new spin on the tradition of coffee on wheels, three Brooklyn residents have taken to the street with custom bicycle coffee stands.

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Whole Latte Love Blog: Could Your Coffee Use Some Salt?

Cream and sugar are standard fare for some when it comes to coffee, but could your java benefit from a little salt? A good cook will tell you that salt can inhibit bitterness as well as underscore sweetness in certain foods. Think salt on a grapefruit. Now, apply this philosophy to coffee; most coffee drinkers note that bitterness is an undesirable quality and an impediment to great brews. If salt works with food; why not a cup of Joe?

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Expert Answers From The Whole Latte Love Spot

From Michael L:
I want a good upper-mid-entry-level espresso machine for making latte's and americano's. I have read the reviews and it seems that the Gaggia semi automatics are the best choice for me. However, one thing I don't want to deal with is the mess of grounds. As well, I don't have the budget to invest in a good grinder right now. I'd like something that is simple and relatively carefree to use. My specific questions are, can you still get a high quality espresso shot using the ESE pods instead of fresh ground beans? Or, can I get a good quality shot using the pre-ground coffee such as Illy or Lavazza? I understand the three-way solenoid valve helps keep the used grounds in a nice easy to remove puck for easy disposal... correct? I was also considering the Nespresso machines but don't know how they compare to the Gaggia in terms of good rich espresso shots.

Here’s what our expert, Todd Salzman had to say:
Hi Michael, I would recommend the Gaggia Classic for just about everything you mentioned. It can do ESE pods with the pod filter basket. It comes with two types of filter baskets, a single and a double-shot pressurized filter basket that will work with the illy and Lavazza preground. It will also have a double-shot, commercial-style basket that you can use if you get a grinder in the future. And it has the three way solenoid valve so clean up will be as easy as possible.

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Product Spotlight - Jura XS90 One Touch: The Consummate Professional

Jura Impressa XS90 One TouchOffered on both Whole Latte Love’s commercial and retail sites, the Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch joins its sibling, the Z6, as the only two super-automatic espresso machines currently recommended for both home and professional users. This single fact speaks volumes about the XS90’s capabilities and flexible nature.

Not surprisingly, the Impressa XS90 has some key features that make it appealing to the average coffee lover and businesses alike. Starting with the clean, modern, and most importantly, intuitive interface, this one-touch coffee center allows for quick and simple programming.

Single and double-shot espressos, coffee, coffee a la carte, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos are all just a push of the button away. For truly custom-made beverages, the XS90 allows users to control drink volume, temperature, milk, and water outputs. If you’re the type of person who likes to indulge in a variety of beverages, this is one super automatic you shouldn’t miss.

Full Story - Jura XS90 One Touch

"You'll be glad to know that the XS90 is backed by a powerful 15-bar pump and, not one, but two stainless-steel lined Thermoblock Heating Systems."
Coffee Spotlight: Gaggia Coffee - Steeped In Tradition

Gaggia CoffeesKnown for pioneering the development of the modern espresso machine, Gaggia also provides premium coffee to countless countries around the world. Harvested from prestigious and exotic locales across the continents, Gaggia coffee blends Central and South American beans with prized Indian Arabica to create quality espressos.

Looking for a balanced, somewhat delicate brew? Try Gaggia 100% Arabica, available as ground, whole bean, or ESE pods. A careful mixture of Middle and South American coffees, Gaggia 100% Arabica is renowned for its smooth, creamy flavor—perfectly suited for authentic Italian coffee and espresso.

Full Story - Gaggia Coffee Spotlight

"Next time you're in the mood for a fine coffee, why not try a blend from one of Italy's pre-eminent espresso leaders?"

Meet The Bloggers - And Join The Conversation!

Meet The Bloggers!Ever wonder who’s behind the brews at Whole Latte Love? Here’s your chance to get to know and interact with our staff, across all different departments including: sales, customer service, commercial, tech, and more!...

First up is Darren Ruffell, our sales manager extraordinaire. Darren knows nearly every espresso machine, grinder, and coffee that comes through the door.

A relatively new member to the Whole Latte Love family, Eric Black is a self-professed "coffee snob."

Next in the line up is Tracy Schafer, our vivacious sales representative who has a beloved Gaggia Platinum Vision at home.

Randy Orlando comes to us with a decorated past. An industry entrepreneur, Randy founded four successful cafes and a roasting business.

Our commercial rep, Mark Jackson is nothing short of a walking coffee encyclopedia.

Never leave Todd Salzman in a room alone with an espresso machine; he will dismantle it and inspect the parts until he knows the unit better than the back of his hand.

Last, but certainly not least, is yours truly, Tho Nguyen. I’m the writer and editor here, at Whole Latte Love, I follow coffee rumors, trends, and news like it’s my job because, well, it is my job.

Full Story - Meet The Bloggers

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