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July 2010 Volume LXXV

Posted: 07/10/10
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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - July 2010, Volume LXXV
In This Issue

Product Spotlight: Gaggia Brera

2 Coffee Spotlight: Illy Coffee
3 Coffee Trends: Single Serves
4 Factoid: Coffee And Your Handwriting
5 Blog: World's Best Barista Is American!
6 Expert Answers
Coffee Factoids: Coffee And Your Handwriting

German scientists from the University of Regenburgh’s Department of Experimental Psychology found evidence to suggest that the caffeine content in coffee could improve handwriting. Researchers gave subjects 3.0mg and 4.5mg of caffeine as well as placebo pills. They found that the group that was given the highest dose, the equivalence of 2-3 shots of espresso, showed marked improvement in handwriting speed and fluidity. The findings suggest that psychomotor skills may benefit from a bit of caffeine. If you’re scribbling chicken scratch, as opposed to readable notes, maybe you should take time out for a coffee break....

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Whole Latte Love Blog - World's Best Barista Is An American!

After 11 annual World Barista Championships, an American barista has finally earned the top honors. Michael Phillips, a Chicago resident and former barista at Intelligentsia Coffee House, beat out competitors from 52 nations to earn bragging rights as the Best Barista in the World.

The baristas were required to make a cappuccino, espresso and specialty drink—all in 15 minutes…to choreographed music. Phillips brewed, steamed, and poured his way to the top spot with a set that included ABBA tunes....

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Expert Answers From The Whole Latte Love Spot

Q. How do I clean the shower screen?

A: The shower screen is located right above where the portafilter attaches to the brew group. It is used to evenly disperse water over the coffee grounds when you brew. As a daily maintenance routine, you should remove the portafilter after brewing and then press the brew button for a few seconds to let the water clean off any grounds that may be stuck to the screen.

More thorough cleaning should be done about once every other week to keep the machine working at its best. To clean the shower screen thoroughly, follow these instructions:

1. Use a short Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screw in the center of the shower screen. The shower screen should fall out into your hand.

2. Soak the screen and screw in descaler and use an old toothbrush or group brush to clean them. DO NOT push a pin through the holes in the screen. It can cause future clogs because it will enlarge the small holes.

3. Rinse the shower screen and screw thoroughly.

4. Replace the shower screen and screw.

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WOW Of The Week! Only 7 Days To Save!
Product Spotlight - Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera in SilverThat clichéd proverb, "Good things come in small packages," is particularly apt for the incoming Gaggia Brera, available in silver and black. People often have to choose between saving counter space and treating themselves to a super-automatic espresso machine. For once, the two are not mutually exclusive. At only 12.4 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 17 inches deep, the Brera is about the size of a standard semi-automatic unit. But, a lot of advanced technology has been packed into its small frame. Even more impressive is the fact that Gaggia has managed to create a super-automatic espresso machine that weighs less than 19 pounds!

Lest its size fool you, let's take a look under the hood. With a 15-bar pump stainless steel boiler, Rapid Steam Technology and a ceramic conical burr grinder, among other features, the Brera isn’t a wimpy little machine. It has some serious brewing muscle to deliver great tasting shots.

Full Story - The New Gaggia Brera

"The Brera also features a stainless steel front panel that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, making cleaning and maintenance hassle free. "
Coffee Spotlight: Gaggia Coffee - Steeped In Tradition

Illy CoffeesA conversation about Italian coffee can not be had without the mention of Illy. This 75-year-old company is rooted in a culture of quality and innovation. From iperEspresso capsules and MonoDose pods to whole-bean and pre-ground coffee, Illy delicacies are served in more than 50,000 restaurants and cafes worldwide.

Pre-measured and expertly blended, Illy’s Monodose pods are compatible with most ESE-pod-ready espresso machines.

For single-serve espresso that tastes and smells like a barista-prepared beverage, consider the Illy's iperEspresso capsules.

Ground coffee drinkers have a large selection of gourmet Illy roasts to choose from: Fine Grind Decaf, Regular, and Dark as well as Dark and Regular drip coffee.

Illy whole bean espresso is available in decaf, regular, and dark roasts.

Full Story - Illy Coffee Spotlight

"Not only are Illy coffees innovative, delicious, and aromatic,
they are also affordable. "
Coffee Trends - Single Serve Espresso Machines
Gaggia Single Serves Keurig Single Serves Breville Single Serves Bosch Single Serves
FrancisFrancis! Single Serves Nespresso Single Serves DeLonghi Single Serves

Meet The Bloggers!

Let’s face it; we’re creatures of convenience. Some of us will pay extortionate amounts of money for real estate that’s in a prime, accessible location. Pay-Per-View has been successful because it’s simply easier to click a button and get your movie rather than go out to rent one. In a world that has only gotten more and more complicated, a lot of people seek out simplicity. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it,” to quote Jerry’s famous line from Seinfeld.

For convenience seekers, nothing beats a single-serve espresso machine. Quick, simple, and mess-free, single-serves have become increasingly popular, as build and drink quality continue to get better and better. If you've got a household with diverse tastes and preferences or entertain often, a single-serve machine is a great beverage solution. Versatile models, from Bosch Tassimo and Keurig can prepare a variety of drinks from coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos to tea and hot chocolate using T-Discs and K-Cups. The brewing process is entirely self-contained and the machine automatically discards spent cups, capsules, and discs, so you will never have to cleanup coffee grounds. With the push of a button, a fresh beverage is dispensed right into your cup.

Full Story - Coffee Trends: Single Serves

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