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September 2010 Volume LXXVII

Posted: 09/05/10
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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - September 2010, Volume LXXVII
In This Issue

Product Spotlight: Rocket Espresso Evoluzione

2 Coffee Spotlight: Aloha Island
3 A Closer Look At The Espresso Cup
4 Factoids: Coffee Could Help You
Land A Date
5 Blog: American Espresso Controversy
6 Expert Answers
Coffee Factoids: Coffee's Effects Differ in Men and Women

It will wake you up in the morning and keep you focused throughout the day. It could curve your chance of getting certain diseases and heighten a workout. Now, coffee, in all its aromatic glory, could help you land a least in New York City.

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Whole Latte Love Blog: Lavazza's Concrete Espresso Machine

American Baristas from Seattle’s underground coffeehouses to NYC’s fast emerging coffee bars, are finding themselves at odds with their Italian patriarchs. Maybe it’s an Old School vs. New School thing.

When Illy's master barista Giorgio Milos visited stateside cafes, he became embattled in a firestorm of controversy for stating that, "What is called espresso here [in the US] really isn't espresso." Milos' beef, it seems, take root in the diverse preparation techniques employed by American baristas. According to espresso dogma, the beverage is created using 7-8 grams of coffee and water between 190°-200°F pulled through 9 bars of pressure in 25-30 seconds. Sounds standard... so what's the problem?

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Expert Answers From The Whole Latte Love Spot

Q: I'm considering buying the Rancilio Silvia but I'm wondering whether my current grinder will be good enough. It's a Breville burr grinder and it has worked well with my old espresso maker, but I'm concerned by the advice to get a top-notch grinder for the Rancilio. What are your thoughts?

A: Good choice on the Rancilio Silvia. The Breville BCG450XL is a great grinder for espresso machines that use a pressurized portafilter like Delonghi or Breville. We have not found this grinder to work well with machines that have a commercial portafilter, like the Silvia. The Breville grinder just doesn’t seem to grind consistent enough to provide good espresso with regularity. The BCG450XL is currently the only grinder made by Breville. If you have a different model, it certainly is worth trying the grinder that you have. I would recommend either the Gaggia MDF or the Rancilio Rocky. Both are great flat burr grinders, specifically made for espresso machines, and have a good history of quality.

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WOW Of The Week! Only 7 Days To Save!
Product Spotlight - Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione and Giotto Evoluzione

It's hard to find quality workmanship nowadays, but Milan-based Rocket Espresso delivers just that—handmade machines that look like a dream and perform even better. Armed with a mission to revive the legendary ECM home espresso machines, namely the Cellini and Giotto models, Rocket Espresso continues to innovate and build upon its rich heritage. This brings us to the company's newest debuts, the exceedingly impressive Cellini and Giotto Evoluzione.

Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione and Giotto Evoluzione

Water Options
Rocket Espresso considers the Evoluzione line, available in the Giotto and Cellini body styles, its most versatile range. The Evoluzione machines can be plumbed, for a professional brewing experience.

Under Pressure
Built with commercial capabilities but modified to fit the household, Evoluzione machines have rotary pumps for quiet operation.

Some Like It Hot
In addition to its impressive handling of brewing and steaming pressure, the Evoluzione line also meticulously guards against heat loss through sophisticated temperature controls.

Full Story - Rocket Espresso Evoluzione

"Beneath their shiny stainless steel exteriors, lie state-of-the art technology and innovative construction that is second to none."
Coffee Spotlight: Aloha Island Coffee

Aloha Island CoffeeHawaiian coffee farmers are currently battling a Hypothenemus Hampei infestation that is threatening one of the world's most celebrated coffees. The Hypothenemus Hampei is a borer pest that burrows into the cherry, lays its eggs and feeds on the crop. The farmers' ability to manage the borer will determine how Hawaii's coffee fair for the coming seasons. But, for now, if you want a taste of the 50th state's famous exports consider one of Aloha Island's carefully selected offerings.

Specializing in Hawaiian and Kona coffee, Aloha Island caters to the discriminating taste of java lovers worldwide. The coffees are free of pesticides and have been carefully processed to ensure low acidity and vibrant taste profiles.

Full Story - Aloha Island Coffee

"All of the coffees are hand cultivated, pesticide-free and Kosher so if you have not had fine Hawaiian coffee, this is the perfect place to start."
Buying Guide - A Closer Look At The Espresso Cup
Gaggia Espresso Cups

There are some pretty impressive gourmet restaurants out there. At times, the food may be debatable, but the presentation is always impeccable. Great chefs know that a part of the culinary experience lies in the table service. You just don't serve a gourmet meal on disposable plates. And, so it is with fine espresso. But, it's not solely aesthetics; the cup you're extracting into could have a tangible impact on your espresso.

Everything from the shape, size and material of a cup should be taken into account. Though there is no "standard" shape for an espresso cup, most of them tend have to a softly rounded form that is narrow at the bottom and gets progressively wider at the rim. The wider opening at the top is said to enhance crema presentation, while narrow bottom encourages espresso flavor concentration. The shape also allows to the cup to retain heat evenly so that you don't get hot and cold spots within your beverage.

Full Story - A Closer Look

"Particularly adept at heat preservation are double-walled cups. The contents stay hot while the exterior of the cups remain cool to the touch...."

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