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October 2010 Volume LXXVIII

Posted: 10/16/10

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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - October 2010, Volume LXXVIII
In This Issue

Temperature Surfing Your Way
To Great Espresso

2 Product Spotlight:
Jura Capresso Impressa Z7
3 Coffee Spotlight:
J. Martinez & Company Fine Coffees
4 Coffee Factoids:
Let Coffee Put You In A Good Mood
5 Blog: What Is Rapid Steam?
6 Expert Answers
Coffee Factoids: Let Coffee Put You In A Good Mood

A scientific study recently released by Ohio University has found that the pep you get in your step after drinking a good cup of Joe may not be all due to the caffeine. The coffee itself actually triggers the release of dopamine, which activates the brain’s pleasure receptors. So, if you need a pick-me-up go ahead and power up that espresso machine! Other good-mood foods include chocolate (surprise, surprise), milk and sugar....

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Whole Latte Love Blog: What Is Rapid Steam?

As you go through the Website, you will notice many different phrases and words. When you are choosing a machine, it is important to understand what these phrases and words mean and why they may or may not be important to your buying decision.

Today, we are going to address the term "rapid steam," as it applies to super-automatic and semi-automatic machines. Not included, in this blog, are prosumer and commercial machines, because they are designed to brew and steam at the same time. While rapid-steam machines can steam and then brew, they are not capable of doing both simultaneously.

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Expert Answers From The Whole Latte Love Spot

Q: There is still water left in the coffee filter holder after espresso extraction. Did I not grind the coffee fine enough?

A: There will probably always be a little water left in the filter. The important things are your shot timing and how the espresso tastes. You may want to try adding a little more coffee in your basket. That will decrease the amount of space between your coffee and the bottom of the group head. If your grind is too fine, your shot will come out too slow.

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Temperature Surfing Your Way To Great Espresso

Rancilio SilviaMost espresso machine manufacturers have short-listed one goal to the very top of their list: provide you with the proper environment to pull the best shot possible. Like the perfect storm, the right conditions hinge upon having the ideal pressure and temperature. For espresso enthusiasts, finding the perfect formula for each shot involves ongoing trial and error. A major point of interest and case study, of sorts, in the coffee community involves a technique called "temperature surfing."

Why Surf?
Temperature surfing can be performed a number of ways, but its ultimate aim is to get the best brewing temperature out of the group head. While most semi-automatic machines are equipped with thermostats to help regulate water temps, the thermostats focus on controlling boiler temperature. As some coffee lovers have noted, there is always a variation sometimes minor, other times noticeable, between the boiler and brew group temperature. Also, some machines may brew too hot and others too cold for your liking. Temperature surfing can help you get closer to your target brewing temp....

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"This is a part of the art of espresso; it’s fun, experimental and sometimes oh so subjective."
Product Spotlight: Jura Capresso Impressa Z7

Jura Capresso Impressa Z7Most shoppers tend to fall into one of two camps—some make snap judgments when it comes time to buy and others carefully analyze every option before committing. Chances are, the analytical shoppers out there have done their research and noticed that a few brands, namely Gaggia, Delonghi, Saeco and Jura-Capresso that have consistently earned high consumer ratings on and elsewhere. For these manufacturers, introducing a new espresso machine is a big deal, since they’ve got near-flawless reputations to protect. Jura-Capresso is the latest of the elite manufacturers to introduce a new super automatic, the Impressa Z7 One Touch.

Program Your Way To Custom Coffee
Sure to garner high praise, the hotly anticipated Z7 is well-equipped for home or office use. This coffee and espresso juggernaut has a host of programmable features that will really let you customize beverages to your liking and thanks to one-touch functionalities everyone—from connoisseurs to novices—will be able to make quality drinks with ease.

The Perfect Grind
Jura-Capresso is keenly aware that great espresso starts with having the proper grind so it has equipped the Impressa Z7 with a conical burr grinder to reduce heat transfer and protect coffee flavor and aroma during the grinding process.

The Perks
From the technical and design perspectives, there are plenty of bright spots with the Jura-Capresso Impressa Z7. This powerful machine is equipped with two stainless-steel boilers so you won’t waste any time between brewing and frothing....

Full Story - Jura Capresso Impressa Z7

"The drink dispenser is height and width adjustable; it’ll accommodate anything from a 6-inch tall mug to tiny espresso cups!"
Coffee Spotlight: J Martinez and Company Fine Coffees

A few months ago, we got a very special shipment of J Martinez Jamaica Blue Mountain whole bean coffee. For a limited time only the brand's signature medium roast is available with rare peaberry beans for more a fragrant, concentrated flavor. In honor of this unique coffee, we'd like to give you a closer look at J.Martinez & Company as a whole and explore the unique taste profiles that have made this roaster famous.

J.Martinez is your ticket to a diverse, adventurous coffee experience. Its collection of fine coffees spans the globe, representing exotic locales from Jamaica, Hawaii, and Yemen to India, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. Pay tribute to the country that discovered coffee with the spicy, tangy and fruity flavors of J. Martinez Ethiopian Harrar Horse or stop in for a taste of the bright, medium-bodied of Kenya AA (available in medium and dark roasts). Also, if you love African beans, consider J. Martinez's Tanzania Kilimanjaro Peaberry, harvested from the base of the continent's highest mountain, this coffee features intricate flavors, reminiscent of fine wine....

Full Story - J. Martinez Coffee Spotlight


"Can’t pick just one coffee? The Estate Sampler has your name written on it."

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