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June 2006 Volume XXXV

Posted: 07/11/06
Product Spotlight: CoffeeTeam Therm
Latte Art Contest: Last Chance
Aspiring baristas will have a little longer to enter the Whole Latte Love Latte Art Contest. We’ve extended our contest until July 30th. So whether you’re a trained barista or dabbling in latte art for the first time, take a break from your summer activities to submit the best free pour you have and enter to win one of our great prizes!

For more information about the Latte Art Contest visit our contest entry page. And if you’d like a more in depth look at how to pour latte art, check out the 12 Steps to Latte Art.

First Place Prizes:

Beginner - David Schomer’s video Café Latte Art & a 2LB bag of Lavazza Super Crèma!

Intermediate - Lavazza Sampler pack that includes 6 LBS of coffee & a set of Whole Latte Love mugs!

Professional - Fresh coffee for a year!

Contest Rules
Coffee Factoid: What’s Brewing in Iraq
What’s Brewing in Iraq

To keep our soldiers awake and happy, the Defense Department’s Combat Feeding program has come up with a new way for our servicemen to get their daily brew: resealable polyethylene bags. All they have to do is add instant coffee and water to the bag, slip it into the ration heating bag they use to heat their food, and voila - a piping hot cup of joe. Although a pretty simple process, one can’t help but notice that technology doesn’t always make things better. Even Civil War soliders had a better tasting brew - they were provided green coffee beans that they roasted themselves over an open flame and crushed with their bayonets before brewing.
Product Spotlight: Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm Coffee Maker.
By Adam Dean -

Product Spotlight: Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm Coffee Maker.Capresso has always been a name synonymous with quality, and the CoffeeTeam Therm carries on this tradition with a high-performance, stylish design that will class up your kitchen and bring your coffee to life. As the only coffee maker that features both a conical burr grinder and a thermal carafe, the Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm draws high marks in quality as well as style.

The CoffeeTeam Therm sets itself apart with a built-in conical burr grinder, which provides a grind that is far superior to high-speed blade grinders that can heat your beans and cause an uneven grind. With the CoffeeTeam Therm, you get a slow, consistent grind that preserves the full flavors of your coffee. Clearly, this machine is designed to keep your coffee fresh through your last cup, and the stainless steel, vacuum thermal carafe eliminates any need for a heating plate, so your coffee can stay hot for hours without tasting old and burnt.

Gear up and get ready to brew with Capresso’s newest coffee maker

As the frontrunner in a new breed of coffee makers, the CoffeeTeam Therm is revved up and ready to brew! The solid-steel, Swiss burr grinder gives the CoffeeTeam Therm a powerful punch. The grinder features 4 grind settings for light to dark beans, and the clear plastic hopper can hold up to 80 grams of your favorite coffee. Plus, this Capresso Coffee Maker even lets you brew preground coffee without using the built-in grinder. Just remove the cover lid and fill the included ... Read More
"Aside from the unique construction of the swinging filter holder, the CoffeeTeam Therm has the look and feel of imagination."

The Truth about Water & your Boiler.

By Nicole Jones -

The Truth about Water & your Boiler. Amazing isn’t it - that something so pure, so cool and clear, can have such a significant affect on your coffee? Too hard or to soft, water affects the taste - as well as the longevity of your espresso machine. But a little preventative maintenance every three months or so will keep your machine brewing flawlessly for years to come.

Behind the Scenes

Cleverly veiled, water is filled with unseen minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonate. Large amounts of these elements, often found in unfiltered tap and well water, can be damaging to the inside of an espresso machine. You see, minerals tend to build up quickly due to the high temperatures and pressures the machines operate at, and the build-up will alter the flow of water within the machine.

Visualize for a moment limescale building up on a shower door. Unsightly, but because you see it you will clean it. Just because the boiler is hidden within the espresso machine doesn’t mean the limescale isn’t there. Limescale will accumulate rapidly in an espresso machine, just like on a shower door - causing lower water pressure and ... Read More
"Our experts estimate that just 1/4 inch of scale in the boiler will reduce the efficiency by up to 40%."

wholelattelove.notes - Join in our forum discussions on everything to do with coffee.
By A Member of The Brew Group -

Maybe it was too much Guavaberry, maybe it was too much dancing - either way I needed a latte and bad. Because as I lay in bed with the cool morning Caribbean breeze blowing over the sheets all I could envision was a creamy latte. At that time, nothing sounded better.
wholelattelove.notes - Join in our forum discussions on everything to do with coffee.

Unfortunately, the cards seemed stacked against me; because a latte, or for that matter, a decent cup of joe on the island of St. Maarten is pretty hard to come by.

Now where I come from there’s a coffee shop on every corner. Literally - one directly across from the other. Not on the Friendly Island of St. Maarten though.

Lucky for me, and, it incidentally being the second day of our honeymoon, my husband wanted to ensure my happiness. So, strapping on a comfortable pair of Tevas he began his trek in search of a latte or at least a decent cup of coffee to combat my insufferable headache.

As he explained later in the day... Read More

"Apparently I need to start mapping out coffeehouse locations before I make my vacation plans, because who wants to be left jonesing for caffeine..."