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July 2006 Volume XXXVI

Posted: 11/06/06
A Super Automatic For Every Budget
Coffee Factoid: Coffee Business Boom
Coffee Business Boom

While it’s nothing fancy, 13 year-old Cody Spear of Purvis, Mississippi has kept Katrina-battered residents caffeinated over the past nine months, serving up instant cappuccinos on the roadside. His mother, Melissa, said that Cody, who is going into the 7th grade, has been selling the powdered cappuccinos for 50¢ and has made over $450.

"He’s funny about his stand," she said. "He’ll change where he sets up depending on what day of the week it is." On the weekends Cody set up his stand on the main road in town she explained, whereas during the week, he sets up near neighborhoods. Since September, Purvis has been host to a large recovery center for FEMA and is incidentally, a storage site for ... Read More
Latte Art Contest
Waiting till the last minute to enter our Latte Art Contest because you think you’re a shoe-in? Think again! Take a sneak peek at what you’ll be up against as our Latte Art Contest is winding down. You’ve got only a few days left to enter and win one of our great prizes as a beginner, intermediate or professional. For more information about our Latte Art Contest visit our contest entry page. If you need a refresher course on how to pour latte art check out the 12 Steps to Latte Art.
A Super Automatic For Every Budget
Pannarello Wand or Automatic Frother? Single or Dual Heating Elements? Check out our no-frills guide on what to look for when you’re in the market for a Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Steam Wand vs. Automatic Frother

Which Super Automatic should I buy?Any way you cut it, steaming and frothing milk on a super automatic is pretty simple. If you choose a machine with an automatic frother, most of the work is done for you. Milk is drawn directly out of a container or insulated jug, steamed and automatically dispensed directly into the cup. Machines like the Jura Capresso Impressa Z5 and Z6, exclusively feature the Automatic Frother. But if you want more control over steaming and frothing, look for a machine with both a frothing aid and an automatic frothing attachment like the Gaggia Titanium SS or Saeco Royal Professional.

  • While all Super Automatic espresso machines allow some control over the liquid volume, not every one allows for programmability. With programmable volume control you can dispense the perfect amount of coffee every time.
  • If you’re entertaining, a pre-grinding feature speeds things up. While you’re brewing, the machine will grind the next shot and keep it waiting in the brew group ... Read More
"With programmable volume control you can dispense the perfect amount of coffee every time."


By The Brew Group -

Jude Law brews an espresso in The Talented Mr. Ripley First let me explain the situation.
I’ve spent the past few weeks dazed and confused thanks to an equestrian accident and some prescription Darvocet. I’ve also spent endless hours glued to the TV catching up on HBO’s Entourage and watching a lot of the movies I’ve missed over the last few years. The one conclusion I came to as I lay on my back glued to the boob tube is that companies pay big bucks for product placement in movies and television. Espresso Machines included.

For example:
In the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley, Matt Damon and Jude Law enjoy an afternoon espresso brewed on a la Pavoni. In Spiderman, Peter Parker’s friend Harry has a ... Read More
"It seems that espresso machines are making their mark in movies and we’re starting to notice."

Beating Summer Heat with a Frappe
By Nicole Jones -

Blended FrappeEnjoyed for nearly five decades along the Mediterranean Coast and long considered the national drink of Greece, the frappé is quickly becoming an en vogue drink stateside. This icy cold, foam-covered caffeinated coffee drink gained some notoriety during the 2004 Olympics when millions of Americans converged on Athens and gulped down frappés by the gallon.

Frappés have a long history in Greece and around the Mediterranean Coast, with dozens of variations according to the Greece Ministry of Tourism. Said to have been created in 1957 during an International Trade Fair, the frappé is considered somewhat of a mainstay in Greece. Whether it’s with breakfast, lunch or after dinner, the cold, caffeinated beverage is ... Read More

Mocha Frappé Recipe for Four or More

4 Cups Chilled Coffee
4 tbsp Instant Chocolate Powder
1 ½ Cups Milk
½ Cup Whipped Cream
4 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

Pour chilled coffee, milk and chocolate powder into blender with ice and mix. Add whipped cream and ice cream and blend. Pour into mugs and garnish with additional whipped cream.

"A frappé is traditionally made with instant coffee, sugar, cold water and ice, then shaken and served in a tall, frosty glass."