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August 2006 Volume XXXVII

Posted: 11/06/06
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Factoid: Coffee Gum

Now you can join the ranks of coffee geeks along the Asian-Pacific rim who are getting jazzed up on coffee-flavored chewing gum. A few months ago Chicago based gum manufacturer Wrigley unveiled "Kona Crème," the American equivalent of "Coffee Gum," also manufactured by Wrigley but previously limited to the People’s Republic of China.

Test marketed this spring in 7-Eleven stores nationwide, Kona Crème is a unique combination of two distinct flavors – coffee and gum. Tasnim Idris, owner of 7-Eleven in Penfield, NY said that compared to other flavored gum available... Read More


Let’s be honest with each other. We’ve all talked about it and we’ve all come up with the different what-ifs.

What would you do if you won the lotto, like Power Ball or Mega Millions?

I mean, obviously the first thing I’d do is pay off my bills and scale back my hours writing. I’d buy a nice Porsche, or two, or three and a few vacation homes. Not that I’ve really given this a ton of thought, but a month or two sailing the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, spending... Read More


Latte Art Contest Winners
Latte Art from the winnersCongratulations to Lisa Carton, Christopher Thompson and Rob Hall - the three winners of the Whole Latte Love Latte Art Contest! Of all of the entries in the beginner, intermediate and professional categories, online voting determined that Lisa, Christopher, and Rob truly shined. Each of our winners showed great creativity with rich, golden espresso and velvety, textured steamed milk - pouring beautiful rosettas just like Espresso Vivace’s David Schomer.

Lisa, who entered as a beginner, will receive Schomer’s instructional video as well as a two-pound bag of Lavazza Super Crema. Christopher, who entered as an intermediate, will receive a Lavazza Sampler pack that includes six pounds of coffee and a set of Whole Latte Love mugs. Rob, who entered and won the professional category, will enjoy fresh coffee for a year!

We’d like to offer a special thank you to everyone who entered, and of course thanks to all of the voters. Our Latte Art Contest created quite a buzz, and is even featured on page 24 of Barista Magazine’s August/September issue!

If you missed our contest but are still interested on how to free-pour latte art, check out some tips and tricks from all three of our winners...Read More
"Our Latte Art contest created quite a buzz, and is even featured on page 24 of Barista Magazine’s August/September issue!"

Back to School: Get wired for class...

By Nicole Jones - Back to School package

In a few short weeks students from around the country will converge upon higher-learning institutions to study the fine arts and live a few carefree months courtesy of a Sallie Mae student loan. Incidentally if Sallie Mae is footing the bill, why not splurge a little and add some bling to your dorm room or off-campus apartment this year.

Here are some great packages we threw together - guaranteed to make your room stand out from the rest. And with easy to use machines from Saeco, Gaggia and Keurig that incorporate espresso pods, single serving K-Cups and pre-measured ground coffee, they are sure to let your personality shine through while incorporating all the necessities to keep you caffeinated as you head off to the lecture hall...Read More

"Why not splurge a little and add some style to your dorm room or off-campus apartment this year."

Kenya: Growing Beyond its Borders

Map of KenyaThe Republic of Kenya has an extremely controversial past, stemming in part from the racial hostilities that developed around the turn of the century during the British occupation. Known as British East Africa from 1890 to 1920, the Republic of Kenya is renowned for its tropical coastline, arid deserts and fertile highlands. Although this unique geography supports an abundant amount of wildlife that draws more than 90,000 tourists to Kenya each year, coffee farming is a crucial part of the country’s economy.

The rich soil and cooler climate found in the highlands make for ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. The White Highlands, as they’ve been commonly referred to since British colonization, produce a substantial amount of Kenya’s coffee. While coffee is said to have originated in Ethiopia, Kenya’s neighbor to the north, coffee did not begin to impact the Kenyan economy until the country’s colonial period.

More than 189 million pounds of coffee were exported in 2000, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, thus providing jobs and security for more than 250,000 Kenyans involved in the cultivation process. Both large coffee estates and... Read More

"Coffee did not begin to impact the Kenyan economy until the country’s colonial period."
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