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September 2006 Volume XXXVIII

Posted: 11/06/06
Product Spotlight: Teaposy
Whole Latte Love Commercial Grand Opening

The convenience that Whole Latte Love Commercial provides to retailers, restaurateurs and anyone looking to purchase commercial espresso machines, brewers and accessories goes unmatched. Whole Latte Love Commercial provides nation-wide set-up, installation and training for every machine it sells.

By providing accurate product details, technical specifications as well as staffing our facility with knowledgeable sales and service personnel, we at Whole Latte Love Commercial are committed to finding you the best machine to suit your needs.

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Coffee Factoid: Mocha Kiss

Coffee To The Stars

Add gourmet coffee to the list of must-haves for Hollywood divas. Personal trainers, therapists, drivers, stylists and Mocha Kiss Coffee are now the norm for Hollywood’s elite A-list.

Mocha Kiss Coffee is the brainchild of former film student and barista Jeremy Gursey. In 1994 Gursey formulated the Mocha Frost while working out of a homemade kiosk on a back lot in Hollywood. Similar in taste to a Starbuck’s Frappuccino, but more convenient for weary and overworked actors, the Mocha or Vanilla Frost have become a delicious alternative for Hollywood’s movers and shakers.

Cast and crewmembers from hot shows like The Sopranos, Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage, Nip Tuck and Curb Your Enthusiasm are requesting Gursey and his Mocha Kiss Coffee... Read More

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Product Spotlight: Teaposy
Lady Fairy Teaposy opening as hot water is added

There is something about watching a Teaposy bloom - something mesmerizing - that is sure to leave you speechless. Is it the way the Teaposy flowers? Is it the unique shape and color of the bloom? Or is it the beautiful fragrance that is released that leaves you spellbound? Whatever it is, once you watch one blossom, you’ll immediately realize how Teaposy is redefining the time-honored tradition of tea.

Hand-crafted from a single-origin Silver Needle Tea that is grown in China’s Fujian Province, each teaposy goes through a 20-step process that ensures its exquisite taste and unparalleled quality.

The 20-step process begins in the spring, when the Fujian Province is in full bloom and the Silver Needle White Tea is ready for harvesting. The spring and fall seasons are the best times of year for harvesting, after the tea has accumulated the most nutrition from the winter and summer months. 80% of Teaposy teas are harvested in the spring season, and the other 20% are harvested in the fall to capture the finest flavors and aromas of each leaf. Handpicked in full length from the tips of the tea bushes, the Silver Needle White Tea leaves found in the teaposies are filled with unique natural flavors.

Local farmers harvest the outermost branches of the tea trees and strip away all of the side leaves so that only the...Read More
"Then, each bundle of Silver Needle White Tea is hand-sewn with one of eight freshly dried, handpicked flowers to produce a variety of arrangements."


By Nicole Jones - wholelattelove.notes

How many times have you heard it and scratched your head? Someone ordering something like a venti, half-caf, sugar-free vanilla, skinny, wet, extra hot cappuccino and wondered what exactly they wanted.

I mean, sometimes I wish there was a codebook to figure out what all of these drinks were! What exactly is a grandé, nonfat, double blended, upside-down, Java Chip Frappuccino with extra whip?

Take a second and find your Little Orphan Annie secret decoder and we’ll decipher this together...Read More

"When you order a drink upside-down, it means that you’d like the caramel or chocolate syrup on the bottom."

The History of Tea

Chinese TeaAlmost as old as time, tea has been a favored drink for centuries - regardless of class or social standing. It has been enjoyed by the elite, the aristocracy, and at the same time - the common man.

You see, legend has it that Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a Camellia Sinensis tree when some of its leaves blew into his cauldron of boiling water. Being a renowned herbalist, Shen Nung decided to try the potion - thus accidentally concocting the first pot of tea in 2737 BC. This event, according to folklore, is where the story of tea begins.

Now, fast-forward two thousand years to 618 AD, when the Chinese scholar, Lu Yu wrote the first book about tea. The Ch’a Ching. It’s then, during the Tang Dynasty that tea gained popularity and became available to the common man.

The Ch’a Ching would forever change the face of tea.

Lu Yu expanded on the traditional preparation of tea and heightened it to a near religious experience. With set rituals, implements and guidelines - tea became ceremonial.

The Cha’ Ching was extremely influential in Japan, where it transformed the traditional tea ceremony into something much more sophisticated. By the 13th century, the Japanese tea ceremony had become... Read More

"By the 16th century, tea drinking in Japan spread to every class, as the Japanese became absolutely engrossed with all things tea - including the tea ceremony."

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