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October 2006 Volume XXXIX

Posted: 11/06/06
spacer Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa Z6

Living in a Split Household

With mid-term elections just around the corner, households around the country are becoming more and more divided - as if they weren’t already. Not since the days of the Pepsi Challenge have Americans been so at odds with each other.

Not to make light of the real issues Americans are facing - like a raging war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the impending doom of North Korea and the fluctuating oil prices - but split households are quickly becoming the norm.

Whether it’s through divorce, political affiliation or the old battle of coffee vs. tea, there are innumerable ways your household can be split...

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Coffee Factoid: Pimp My Audi

Coffee Enthusiast Gone Wild

Admitted coffee addict, Dan Haller, may have gone too far when he mounted his Jura Capresso 1500 in the back of his Audi A6.

After anchoring the super automatic to the rear seats using Isofix brackets and running a 12-volt/110-volt inverter between the 60/40 rear split seats, Haller hit the streets. While this may seem like the answer for coffee-to-go... Read More
Teaposy Silver Needle White Tea

Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa Z6
Capresso Impressa Z6

Even though Jerry Garcia and pal Robert Hunter penned the verse "She’s got everything delightful, she’s got everything I need," long before Jura Capresso ever launched the Impressa Z6, the psychedelic duo managed to describe Capresso’s top-of-the-line super automatic espresso machine with profound foresight.

The Impressa Z6 is absolutely delightful because, like many other Jura Capresso super-automatic espresso machines, the Impressa Z6 has a long list of features - a convenient bypass doser, six adjustable grind settings, five strength settings, variable temperature settings, and a two-step pre-infusion system that pre-moistens the coffee grounds, allowing the Z6 to extract the most flavorful crèma.

But what sets the Z6 apart from the other super automatic espresso machines that Jura Capresso’s Swiss engineers have designed are the two stainless steel-lined thermoblock boilers that are the powerhouse behind the one-touch cappuccino brewing system. This one-touch system brings you delicious tasting cappuccino absolutely effortlessly. And we’re emphasizing the word effortlessly...Read More

"This one-touch system brings you delicious tasting cappuccino absolutely effortlessly."

The Great Pumpkin Contest 2

By Nicole Jones - The Great Pumpkin Contest 2

Listen up all you mathematicians and coffee addicts - you have just a few days left to enter our 2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Contest. Take a crack at solving this algebraic equation correctly and you could win a new Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine. So whether you’re a MIT graduate or just fooling around with your scientific calculator, give it your best shot!

For more information about our 2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Contest visit our contest entry page. Simply send the correct answer to by 11:59 PM on October 31, 2006. You may submit as many different answers as you like. A winner will be drawn at random from correct entries and notified Nov 1, 2006... Read More

"Win a new Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine."

Coffee: Joining the Fight Against Cancer

Join the fight against cancer
By Nicole Jones -

Is coffee the cure for all that ails you?

For years now, scientists and researchers have been working diligently to determine the effects coffee has on the body. Does coffee help fight off infections and diseases because of the antioxidants and phytoestrogens found in it?

"Antioxidants help starve off cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke," Dr. Joe Vinson, a chemist at the University of Scranton. And because so many Americans nowadays get their majority of antioxidants from coffee, it has become your army to protect you from chronic diseases, he said.

In addition to antioxidants, coffee is an important source of phytoestrogens, a chemical that has been known to play a role in preventing some types of cancers, as well as regulating cholesterol and maintaining bone density. Coffee also contains caffeine, which is good for the heart and arteries, Dr. Vinison said. It helps reduce headaches and the risk of asthma attacks because it improves circulation within the heart.

Coffee has also been linked to reducing the risk of liver disease. Several months ago, researchers at Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, a clinical research facility in Pasadena, California, found that drinking coffee... Read More

"...women who drank 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day reduced their likelihood of developing breast cancer by 10%."

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