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November 2006 Volume XL

Posted: 11/24/06
Decaffeinated Limits
We’ve Got a Winner!

Mr. Pino of San Antonio, TX

Congratulations to Mr. Tim Pino, the winner of our 2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Contest.

Mr. Tim Pino of San Antonio, TX was drawn at random from the hundreds of correct entries and will receive a Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine.

More than 30% of the entries submitted to us by Halloween Day were correct...

See the Answer

Keeping our Kids Wired

If you thought kids nowadays were restless enough, listen to this.

Last year, Brazil’s Coffee Industry Association launched a program to provide free breakfast to more than a million Brazilian school children. What are the coffee barons including in that free breakfast you might ask?

Why free coffee of course!

After all, Brazil with all of its vast coffee-growing regions, happens to be the world’s second largest coffee consumer... Read More

Teaposy Silver Needle White Tea

Decaffeinated Limits
Decaffeinated Limits Can’t sleep? Wonder if the waiter really poured you decaffeinated coffee after dinner? Well you’re not alone. A lot of people are asking who exactly is governing the world of decaffeination. The FDA? Or are they too consumed with the war on bioterrorism to regulate caffeine? We’ve got some answers.

According to Diana Monaco, a Public Affairs Specialist for the United States Food and Drug Administration, decaffeinated coffee must have 97% of the caffeine removed in order to be classified as decaffeinated.

Now, there are several different ways caffeine can be removed from coffee. The first, and what some consider an ideal way to remove the caffeine, is the Swiss Water Process. The coffee beans are soaked in extremely hot water using this method, until...Read More
"Each method, according to Monaco, should reduce the caffeine content to roughly 10 mg per 12 oz cup."

A Holiday Coffee Survival Guide

By Adam Dean - A Holiday Coffee Survival Guide

Entertaining this holiday season? Whole Latte Love is here to help. We’ve chosen some of our favorite products to help you impress visitors of all kinds! And, since we know the holidays can be stressful, we wanted to make your shopping experience more fun. Here are some of our favorite holiday picks, with our take on the 12 days of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
A Whole Latte Love Latte Cup.

On the second day of Christmas, my grandparents arrived...
I gave them a Teaposy Garden Gift Set so they could enjoy Silver Needle White Tea with a visually stunning floral display. Complete with a Tea for Two teapot and matching cups and saucers, the Teaposy Garden Gift Set was the perfect choice for my grandparents. They were amazed to see their gift blossom into a beautiful flower as they sipped their tea, and my grandpa exclaimed, "Back in my day, tea was just for drinkin’."

On the third day of Christmas, the fellas from my barbershop quartet showed up at my door... Read More

By Nicole Jones -

Let me say it again. I’ll even use the same words that I have before: the holidays are here and there’s no getting around it. How do I know that for sure? The bickering amongst family members has increased exponentially.

And while a little caffeine will continue to guide me through the next few weeks, this year I’m going to focus on the more magical aspects of the upcoming holidays. Rather than dwelling on the memory of my sister-in-law drinking too much, throwing a wine glass on the floor and passing out in the driveway while we finished dessert like last year, I’ll stay focused on the recipes and rituals that make our family a little less dysfunctional... Read more & post your favorite recipes/traditions

"Here’s my recipe for a delicious Peppermint Mocha..."

Kona Prices on the Rise?
By Nicole Jones -
Kona Prices on the Rise?
According to Kona Coffee Council Vice President Bob Foerster, if you see a rise in Kona coffee prices this season, it’s not because of the last month’s earthquake. Kona is really weather dependent - not earthquake dependant, Foerster said in an interview following the earthquake.

"The earthquake rattled the north end of the island a bit," he said. "But it really didn’t affect us here in the coffee belt." The coffee belt, as it’s commonly known to locals, is roughly two miles wide, 20 miles long and located in the mid-southwest side of the island.

Fortunately for Kona lovers, power was down for only a few days after the 6.7 quake and there was no significant damage to... Read More

"Generally speaking, when it comes to coffee, it’s pretty hard to mess up the infrastructure."

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