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January 2007 Volume XLI

Posted: 01/31/07
 Product Spotlight: Rancilio Epoca ST1
Is it in the Genes?

If you love your morning coffee, there’s a chance it’s because you have been pre-programmed to. It’s in your nature, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, who recently discovered that a single protein, known simply as Gr66a, might determine whether or not you crave caffeine.

In the study, fruit flies with the Gr66a gene removed flocked to caffeine-laced food products. The flies would normally avoid these products... Read More

Little Miss Silvia: What you gonna be?

What you gonna be?

Equipped with a redesigned group head and drip tray, the Rancilio Silvia can now use pre-packaged Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods if you purchase and install the pod-adapter kit. So now you can brew consistently delicious espresso on your Silvia each and every time...

See the New Silvia

Teaposy Silver Needle White Tea

Product Spotlight: Rancilio Epoca ST1
Rancilio Epoca ST1 Close your eyes. Imagine.

Somewhere in the Italian countryside, halfway between Umbria and Tuscany, you pull off the winding road that you’ve been on for hours. You’ve found a little trattoria. The food is modest, there are no menus and the service is extremely casual, Nonna Maria does it all. You devour some fresh fish straight from Lake Trasimene – where you could spend a lifetime walking along the shore. You finish the feast with a ristretto that Nonna Maria brewed on the Rancilio she’s had back in the kitchen for decades. Bellissimo!

Now wake up.

After all, this is a product spotlight, not a Francis Ford Coppola film.

Luckily, the experts at Rancilio have made it possible to duplicate the espresso of your dreams on the Epoca ST1, without the help of Hollywood. Commanding attention with its chrome-plated brass portafilter, stainless steel drip tray and oversized cup warmer, it’s certainly stylish enough to compliment any cucina. It’s also tough enough for commercial use...Read More

  "...brew and steam at the same time with no down time, so you’ll be able to make all of your favorite coffeehouse style drinks with ease."

The Third Place

By Nicole Jones - The Third Place

Often considered a hot spot for conversation, cafés and coffee shops have long been known as a comfortable place to read the newspaper, catch up on gossip and talk politics. For more than three hundred years, cafés have been the hub of all that’s going on. Unfortunately, over the last fifty years, urban sprawl started taking its toll and attendance and popularity began to dwindle.

"Thirty years ago, nobody had ever heard of The Third Place," said author, educator and urban sociologist Dr. Ray Oldenburg in an interview from his Florida home. "The Third Place," as it’s commonly called, is a place or a building that is separate from the two usual social environments... Read More

  "It’s a place that encourages sociability instead of isolation, allowing people a place to relax and unwind."


By Nicole Jones -

Five New Year’s Resolutions for caffeine addicts...

I’ve made it through another year and still haven’t reduced my debt, tamed the battle of the bulge or managed to organize the junk drawer. But this year, I swear to the coffee gods, I will make an effort to

1. Support Fair Trade and buy organically grown coffee. After all, who doesn’t want to support the hard-working coffee farmers, cut out the middleman and reduce the amount of toxins and pesticides ingested on a daily basis?...Read more & post your coffee resolutions

Coffee & Tea Repairs Damaged Skin
By Nicole Jones -
Coffee & Tea Repairs Damaged Skin
Like a snake oil salesman with cure-alls and spiritual remedies, BioMed Central recently claimed that green tea has medicinal powers too. In the report recently released by the London-based biomedical firm, green tea extract was found to help heal skin damaged from radiation therapy.

The report, released in December of last year, found the majority of test subjects who applied green tea extract over skin damaged by radiotherapy saw significant skin improvement. The success rate may be... Read More

  "The thinking is that green tea contains polyphenols - black tea does as well, but green tea may contain more."

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