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February 2007 Volume XLII

Posted: 03/12/07
 Product Spotlight: Franke Flair
Wanted: Experienced Barista, Sex Appeal a Plus

Sex Appeal a Plus

Face it, sex sells. And the residents around Tacoma, Washington will attest to that. Every morning coffee addicts line up around Cowgirls Espresso to catch a glimpse of several scantily clad girls grinding, tamping, brewing and steaming hot caffeinated drinks.

So far, things seem to be running pretty smoothly for owner Lori Bowden, who didn’t face any challenges from the Kent City Planning Board when she applied for a permit...Read More

SCAA 2007

SCAA Conference Update

Sponsored by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and hosted this year by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia, the United States Barista Competition will take place the first week in May at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center.

Skilled baristas from the Great Lakes, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Western Regions will test their skills brewing espresso at the Barista Competition, while 10,000 specialty coffee professionals from 40 countries demonstrate and display the latest in coffee trends at the Trade Show Exhibit Hall.

Check out the results of last year’s competition...

Teaposy Silver Needle White Tea

Product Spotlight: Franke Flair
Franke Flair Is there a better way to get to know something than to actually try it out? In a way, Whole Latte Love is a lot like Car and Driver, we just deal with sleek looking dream machines minus the Pirelli tires, right?

So when the booming voice from above, that incidentally has Pirelli PZeros on his rear-engine German import, suggested that we spotlight the Franke Flair for February’s newsletter, there was some immediate campaigning within the writers sanctuary, aptly named the Cube of Destiny, to be the chosen one. It was a landslide though, and I won. That’s because there are only a handful of people in our office that have commercial experience, and having owned a coffee shop for two years, I made the cut. So without delay, I commandeered a Flair from our warehouse and set up shop.


Knowing the Flair was designed for the relatively inexperienced user in an office-type setting, I was already ahead of the game. Without making any electrical modifications like some commercial machines I’ve worked with, I plugged the Flair right into my kitchen outlet using the 120v, 15amp plug. Then I added water to the removable 5.5-liter reservoir located on the right side of the machine and waited a few minutes...Read More

  "If you were blown away with the Flair’s programming ability, you’re sure to be impressed with the versatility that the dual burr-grinders have."

The Battle Begins

By Nicole Jones -
The Battle Begins
If you haven’t been to a car dealership lately, you’re missing out. Missing out on everything from rock-climbing walls and video arcades to sugar-free vanilla, skinny, extra hot café lattes. Think Carnival Cruise Line meets Cadillac Man.

That’s because the trend, according to Jeff Beddow, Public Relations Director for the National Automobile Dealers Association, has been to renovate and remodel outdated facilities - adding business centers with wireless Internet, children’s play areas and most importantly, coffee shops to the showroom floor.

The trend to integrate coffee shops into retail establishments isn’t limited to just car dealerships though. Salons, spas, boutiques, even jewelry stores are following suit - moving to an open-air floor plan, adding amenities, like coffee shops, that customers are longing for.

When Patrick Pontiac, an Upstate New York auto dealership, began designing their new 60,000 square-foot facility two years ago, they took the advice of the NADA and added a state-of-the-art coffee bar, complete with plasma screen televisions and lounge chairs.

"The showroom is really centered around the coffee shop," said Laura Wise, cafe manager at Patrick Pontiac. "It’s a huge part of who we are."...Read More

   "A lot of people will grab a muffin and coffee while they wait, or grab a latte for the ride home once their car is ready..."


By Nicole Jones -

Who’s the real winner at the Oscars? Krups and Vonage, or Hollywood’s elite? After I heard about the bag of swag the A-list collected last year, I felt a little bit cheated.

Why do those who have keep getting more? The estimated value in last year’s Oscar swag bag was nearly $100,000. Call me crazy, but does Jennifer Aniston really need a four-night stay in the Vera Wang Suite at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki Beach? Or a ski-weekend at the Fairmont Chateau up in Whistler? Pop culture has defined the term ’swag’ as promotional items or gifts, often, expensive perfumes, purses and electronics given away by companies at trade shows, conferences and awards ceremonies...Read more & post your comments

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