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April 2007 Volume XLIV

Posted: 05/02/07
 Product Spotlight: Franke Saphira
Charging for Coffee

Think low-cost airlines had eliminated just about every luxury known to man? Tickets, blankets, pillows, peanuts, pilots - just kidding.

Well, think again, because even a cup of coffee will cost you now - $1 to be exact.

Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines recently announced that coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices will now cost $1. Luckily, water is still free (for the time being).

Are travelers outraged by this announcement?


Forty years ago when they filmed the movie The Graduate, plastics were the future. If only we knew the future of the barista, because right now it looks like their livelihood is dwindling.

Call it what you will, the end of an era, because super automatic espresso machines and capsule machines are all the rage.

Industry leaders like Jura Capresso, Gaggia, Keurig and Nespresso have jumped on the bandwagon and developed machines that dose, grind, or utilize pre-packaged pods and capsules...Read More & Post Comments

Latte Art Video Contest

Product Spotlight: Franke Saphira
Franke Saphira
By Nicole Jones -

Certain traits are passed along from generation to generation. They can be physical, like hair and eye color, or they can be characteristics, like tenacity and perseverance. Well the Franke family is no different, because they’ve passed along some of the best characteristics to the Saphira.

Franke has always been known for taking super automatic technology to the next level, with machines that can brew for a crowd, and froth with the best. The Saphira carries on that tradition, delivering commercial performance at an affordable price. With its oversized 5.5-liter water reservoir, dual bean hoppers, an automatic steaming and frothing system, and the ability to program just about anything using the LED digital display, the Saphira has taken the greatest features from the Franke gene pool and run with them. Add an integrated MilkMate refrigeration system and a complete supply of accessories, and it’s tough to beat the Franke Saphira.

Setup: Those were the days

Getting the Saphira up and running might be considered old hat, only because it’s so similar to the Franke Flair and requires nothing more than plugging it in. The Saphira uses a standard kitchen outlet, 120v, 15amp plug, so there are no electrical modifications or plumbing requirements... Read More

  "For years the Franke family has built some of the best super automatic espresso machines in the industry."

Introducing Whole Latte Love’s Signature Coffees

By Maureen Cahill -

Whole Latte Love’s Signature CoffeesWhen Dorothy and her rag-tag gang set off down the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz, they were all in search of something. The Cowardly Lion wanted some courage, the Tin Man longed for a heart, the Scarecrow needed a brain, and Dorothy? She just needed a lift back to Kansas. We here at Whole Latte Love have to agree with our favorite, ruby slipper-clad starlet when she said, "There’s no place like home," and that’s why we decided to develop our very own Signature Coffee Blends.

With the help of some wizards of roasting, we’ve developed five outstanding coffees that are unlike anything you’ve tried before: Buzzopolis (medium-dark roast espresso), Monaco (medium-light roast espresso), Ethereal (dark roast drip), Unconditional (dark roast decaf drip), and Reflection (dark roast decaf espresso). An unusually wide variety of origins, the highest quality beans, mircobatch-roasting using the precise Agtron roasting system, and post-roast mixing have created this mouth-watering set of drip coffees and espresso. Somewhere Over the Ocean

The beans used to create Whole Latte Love’s Signature Blends come from all over the globe, from South America, Africa, Indonesia...Read More

   "Roasting in small batches like this is aptly named mircobatch-roasting, and gives the roasters complete control over the flavor of the beans."

Newlyweds Setting up Shop

Newlyweds Setting up Shop By Nicole Jones -

Headed to a wedding this spring and think you’re daring enough to stray from the official registry? If you’re willing to take that chance, you must know the couple pretty well. Know they gravitate toward anything related to coffee-so finding the perfect wedding gift ought to be a cinch.

Pair your knowledge with the list of ten essential items that we’ve put together, and you’ll end up with some fantastic gifts the happy couple will just adore. Our inside-look at these 10 must-haves makes it easy to shop for the coffee enthusiast ready to tie the knot.

1. Gaggia Classic

Why? If the bride and groom-to-be don’t have an espresso machine already, the Gaggia Classic is a perfect gift because of its extreme versatility...Read more

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