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May 2007 Volume XLV

Posted: 06/25/07
Product Spotlight: Saeco Talea Ring Plus
Honor System Coffeeshop

Patrons of Terra Bite, a coffee shop in Kirkland, Washington, use the honor system to pay for their beverages. There are no prices listed, no cashiers, and no toll at the front door. Customers pay at the anonymous drop box on a voluntary basis.

Why would a for-profit business rely on the charity of its patrons? Founder Ervin Peretz, a programmer for Google, believes that people are "essentially good, but can be influenced by their environment..."


They say, “Father knows best,” but does he when it comes to coffee? I’m not so sure.

After taking a quick survey around the office, it seems that the majority of Dads will drink any type of coffee. Folgers, Maxwell House, even gas station coffee. They drink it and rarely complain. It’s almost like they enjoy how bad it is. So what is it about Dads and awful coffee?

For years, my father has sworn by McDonald’s coffee. But then I introduced him to something better...Read More & Post Comments
SCAA 2007 Wrap-Up

The United States Barista Competition, sponsored by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and hosted this year by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, drew thousands to the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center earlier this month.

Hundreds of skilled baristas, plus the regional winners from the Great Lakes, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Western Divisions tested their skills brewing espresso at the competition in California. This year, the 2003 winner... Read More...

Product Spotlight: Saeco Talea Ring Plus

Saeco Talea Ring PlusBy Pam Greenfield -

The word “vacation” means something different to each person. Some people choose to visit destinations with many choices for sports, traveling or entertainment. Others prefer a peaceful retreat where pampering and leisure are the only orders of the day, every day. For espresso lovers looking for that type of pampering in the comfort of their kitchen, the Saeco Talea Ring Plus is your espresso vacation. Whether you want a machine with a huge list of flexible features, or one that makes espresso at the simple touch of a button, this machine is for you.

The Talea Ring Plus is a super automatic that can make coffee any way you want it—from straight espresso to lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more. Even with so many choices, the Talea Ring Plus doesn’t overwhelm you with complex programming and cleaning regiments. You can vacation worry-free from complicated steps or reading through ambiguous instruction manuals, because no matter how you choose to prepare your coffee, the Talea Ring Plus is ready to serve you.

Saeco designed the Talea Ring Plus with convenience as the top priority, incorporating a click-wheel and a bright orange digital display screen to be your concierge for almost everything. The click-wheel menu lets you scroll through the beverage settings easily, so selecting your drink settings is as straightforward as possible. By moving your finger around the click-wheel, you have complete access to the strength, size, and consistency of your coffee. In addition... Read More

"The Talea Ring Plus is a super automatic that can make coffee
any way you want it."

Support our Troops with Fisher House

By Adam Dean -

Fisher House FamiliesAt a time when our country faces difficult challenges around the world, it’s important to reflect, give thanks, and do our part. Memorial Day is an opportunity to celebrate our heritage, and honor those who fight for our country. For Memorial Day, Whole Latte Love is working with you, our customers, and the Fisher House Foundation to donate proceeds to help those who need it most—our military families. In a time of political turmoil and endless debate, our service men and women are often lost in the shuffle. Our goal is to bring their needs to the forefront, educate ourselves and our readers on their struggle, and do what is necessary to ensure that injured American soldiers and their families receive the support that they need.

The Fisher House Commitment

When American soldiers are wounded in the battle zone, they are transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for treatment and evaluation. Those with serious injuries are flown back to Andrews Air Force Base here in the U.S., where they can be transported to military medical centers for continued treatment. At every stage of this process, the Fisher House Foundation offers lodging for wounded veterans and their families at home and abroad. Founded in 1990, the Fisher House program has provided a home-away-from home for more than 100,000 military families free of charge, and as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization as well as a 509(a)(1) public charity, the Fisher House Foundation is dedicated to building new houses through private and public support...Read More

"As a national not-for-profit organization and charity,
the Fisher House Foundation has proven to be among the very best,
raising over $16 million a year, while spending only 2.6%
of their revenue on operational costs."

Iced Coffee was Born on the Bayou

Iced Coffee was Born on the Bayou By Nicole Jones -

Spend a steamy, sultry, summer afternoon in New Orleans and you’re guaranteed to become a quick study in the art of cold-brewing. Cold-brewing, you’re thinking, what’s that?

It’s a coffee brewing process that’s been used in New Orleans for years. Folks in the Big Easy swear this traditional method that originated right there on the Bayou.

“It’s part of our culture,” said Brandon Hebert, who works at the well-known New Orleans hangout on Decatur Street, Molly’s at the Market. “It goes right along with beignets. Kind of like our version of coffee and donuts.”

“Cold-brewing is a tried and true process,” the Lafayette Parish native said, and then went on to explain that iced coffee has been an integral part of his life for years. “I remember my grandma would brew it for us when we were kids and call it coffee-milk.”...Read more

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