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June 2007 Volume XLVI

Posted: 06/25/07
Product Spotlight: Nespresso Romeo E350
Coffee: Preventing Pancreatitis

If you’ve ever had a bad bout with pancreatitis, listen closely. It might not be too late to prevent another flare-up, because one of the United Kingdom’s leading research institutions found that coffee might reduce the risk of alcohol-induced pancreatitis.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool have determined that caffeine, particularly the caffeine found in coffee, may close up special channels within pancreatic cells and reduce the damaging effects caused by alcohol. Who would have guessed... Read More...



It’s just one of the things that held the Soprano family together over the years. Kind of a reoccurring character that never made the credits, popping up every now and then when David Chase needed to add something warm, fuzzy and Italian to the script.

Whether it was at Satriale’s Pork Store or Carmela’s kitchen, the New Jersey bad-boys drank a heck of a lot of espresso over the years. How many times...Read More & Post Comments
2007 Latte Art Contest

All entries for Whole Latte Love’s 2007 Latte Art Contest are in!

You’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite video as soon as all eligible entries have been compiled. Check back soon for more updates, and to see some talented baristas in action!

Product Spotlight: Nespresso Romeo E350

Nespresso Romeo E350By Adam Dean -

Espresso lovers know that the perfect shot is a careful balance of superb coffee and an even extraction. That’s why Nespresso has introduced their line of capsule machines to pioneer a new age of espresso. Now you can get a great tasting shot, topped with thick, velvety crema every time you brew. And, if that guarantee doesn’t make you want one, the convenient capsule system definitely will. Nespresso machines use specially designed, single serving capsules to give you a hassle-free cup of coffee without the mess. No matter how experienced you are at making espresso, Nespresso’s stylish, compact capsule machines are the simplest way to get gourmet, flavorful espresso in moments.

Topping the list of Nespresso’s new line is the Romeo E350, which comes complete with a motorized capsule tray and an automatic frothing system. Good things come in small packages, and the Romeo is no exception with a full range of features in a shockingly compact body. It stands just over... Read More
"The Nespresso Romeo E350 is quite possibly the most
convenient espresso machine on the market."

The Role of Coffee in the Civil War

By Nicole Jones -
The Role of Coffee in the Civil War
Who would have thought that coffee, of all things, would have played such an important role in the American Civil War? According to Garry Fisher, historian and author of Rebel Cornbread and Yankee Coffee, that little caffeinated bean we love so much was a true morale booster for both Federal and Confederate soldiers.

“Drinking a hot cup of coffee around the campfire was probably the best part of the day for most soldiers in the field,” said Fisher during an interview from his home in Winston-Salem. “It helped take the monotony out of the day to day march.

”It wasn’t long before the United States Secretary of War, Simon Cameron, recognized the effect coffee had on his men and ordered more than 500,000 rations of coffee for Federal troops just... Read More
"Coffee was the best thing most soldiers, Federal
or Confederate, had on the battlefield."

The Big Island: A Coffee Vacation Destination

By Nicole Jones - The Big Island: A Coffee Vacation Destination

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a coffee plantation, you’d better plan ahead. According to Kona Council Vice President Bob Foerster, things are getting pretty busy on the Big Island. The Kona District gets about 1,000 tourists a year specifically looking to tour coffee plantations, he said. “Sometimes the people who visit don’t even like coffee, they just want to see how it all happens.”

Kona is considered a premium coffee, grown only on the island of Hawaii and known around the world for its nutty fragrance and mellow flavor. For the most part, Kona is cultivated on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Lao.

Foerster, who owns Dragon’s Lair Estates on Mauna Lao, said he gets a lot of calls for tours. “While our plantation isn’t as big as others on the island, we give an extremely in-depth tour.”

Dragon’s Lair Estates is a five-acre, organically certified farm, located 1,000 feet above sea level. It has about 2,200 coffee trees, according to Foerster, and grows macadamia nuts, avocados and tropical fruits – including... Read More

"The Kona Historical Society offers a walking tour of a
seven-acre plantation that is more than 100 years old..."

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