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August 2007 Volume XLVIII

Posted: 08/20/07
Product Spotlight:
Rio Vania 2 Group Automatic
School Zone

Parents, pay attention.

Outfitting a dorm room is serious business. It's come a long way from a simple trip to K-Mart to find a bed-in-a-bag and some milk-crates to stack books on. Students nowadays need to accessorize and make sure their room stands out from the rest of the crowd.

So, we've put together some back-to-school packages guaranteed to make your student one of the most popular in their dorm. Easy to use machines...Read More...

Boosting Donut Sales

Timing is everything, and no one knows that better than Dr. Robert Bohannon, a molecular scientist from North Carolina. For the past several years, Bohannon has worked tirelessly at marketing his caffeinated creation, Buzz Donuts, to national food chains across the country.

Seen most recently at the Institute of Food Technologies Expo in Chicago, Buzz Donuts are being tested in select markets nationwide. The donuts, according to Bohannon, have the caffeine equivalent of about one cup of coffee or between 50 and 100 mg of caffeine. The secret to these caffeinated donuts is how the caffeine is added to the fry-cake, Bohannon explained...Read More...

Product Spotlight: Rio Vania 2 Group Automatic

By Adam Dean -Rio Vania 2 Group Automatic

From the heart of Italy, where espresso was born, comes a machine designed to brew a steady supply of coffee as it was intended. The Rio Vania is crafted by hand near Venice, with a focus on quality café brewing at an affordable price. The creators of the Rio Vania had one dominating goal when they engineered it—brew as much as humanly possible, with no compromise in quality. The result is a machine that's completely tailored for high volume espresso production with unmatched temperature stability. The keys to the Vania's heat retention are the nickel-plated brass brew groups and boiler to keep the coffee hot all the way to the cup.

The Two Group Vania is perfect for the busy barista, with virtually unlimited steam from two quick-open, rotating steam wands located on either end of the machine. With a wide cup tray separating the two brew groups and steam wands, there's plenty of room to let a few artists work... Read More
"The Rio Vania Two Group Automatic captures the taste of traditional
espresso in a durable and high-powered design."

Finding the Time to Descale

By Nicole Jones -Finding Time to Descale

How conscientious are you when it comes to the routine maintenance on your espresso machine? If you're anything like me, when your machine tells you it's time to decalcify, you'll brew for two or three weeks before you find the time. It's not that decalcifying is hard to do, or even time consuming, it's just about making it a priority and getting it done.

For me, decalcification was due. Actually, it was overdue, but I'd been ignoring the notice and brewing on my Gaggia Titanium for the last few weeks... Read More

"The descaling process as a whole is absolutely painless."

Espresso in the City

By Maureen Cahill - Espresso in the City

Before moving to New York City, I had read article after article about a new coffee movement sweeping the five boroughs: a resurgence in cafés that are completely and utterly dedicated to the art of espresso. Perhaps it's a backlash against the chain-that-shall-not-be-named dominating almost every street corner in Manhattan. It could be a response to New Yorkers' advancing coffee tastes, or maybe someone slipped something into the water supply. Whatever it is that has spurred on this exciting java trend, once all of my worldly possessions were unpacked, I knew I had to hit the pavement and check it out for myself. After surfing the net and talking to some of my friends that have lived in New York for a while, I decided to try out two hot spots: Café Grumpy and Joe, The Art of Coffee.

My first stop was Café Grumpy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a celebrated fixture of the artisan coffee movement... Read more

"The baristas and owners have studied and trained for years
to master the art of espresso, and without that experience,
outstanding beans and equipment can be rendered meaningless."

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