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September 2007 Volume XLIX

Posted: 09/20/07
Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa J5
Folgers vs. Maxwell House

Procter and Gamble, the parent company of Folgers, filed a lawsuit last month against the makers of Maxwell House, claiming they made off with their packaging ideas... Read More

Martinis and More

Iced, shaken, straight up or on the rocks, the Coffee Martini is here to stay. Mixologists may have thought the Coffee Martini was just a passing trend, but the smooth mix of fresh brewed espresso with vodka and dry vermouth is going to stick around.

Of course there are variations - such as the addition of Bailey's Irish Cream, Frangelico, Kahlúa or Tia Maria. Vanilla ice cream, tiramisu syrup or flavored vodka also adds a little moxie to this intoxicating drink... Read More

Great Pumpkin Contest 3

You've got a few weeks to brush up on your algebra skills, because it's almost time for our Great Pumpkin Contest. For the third year in a row, Whole Latte Love will give participants a chance to win a new Gaggia Espresso and MDF Grinder Bar! This is the first year we've given away both an espresso machine and grinder, so hit the review books and start practicing your problem solving!

Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa J5

Capresso Impressa J5By Adam Dean -

When you own a Jura Capresso machine, you're not just enjoying the coffee, you're making a statement - you live a life of luxury. Jura Capresso has built its reputation on elegant looks and ease-of-use, making it a leading brand in the global market for premium automatic espresso centers. The Impressa J5 follows in the footsteps of top end Jura Capresso machines like the Impressa Z5 and Z6, with a platinum metallic front and an understated curved design. But, with the addition of chrome accents and an enclosed storage compartment for the accessories, the J5 sets itself apart. It also features the FrothXpress automatic frother instead of the 1-touch cappuccino system found on the Z5 and Z6. Another key difference between the J5 and the Z series machines is that the Z5 and Z6 feature a double boiler system, while the J5's single thermoblock boiler can go from brewing to steaming in under 10 seconds. Put it all together, and the J5 offers many of the great features found on the Z series, but its smaller footprint and standard automatic frothing system result in a lower price tag.... Read More

"With much of the style and functionality found only on Jura Capresso's top models, the J5 proves to be an outstanding machine at an attractive price."

By Adam Dean -
Rancilio Silvia: Don't Blow a Gasket, Silvia!

Owning a semi-automatic espresso machine certainly has its charm. Grinding and measuring coffee, tamping by hand, and timing the shot are all part of the traditional brewing experience. For me, having full control over the entire process makes the end result that much more enjoyable, so if something goes wrong I'm not a happy camper. When my Rancilio Silvia started leaking around the portafilter when I brewed, I questioned Silvia's dedication to espresso and berated her with a few words she just didn't deserve.

I realize now that I was the culprit in this crime, not Silvia, and on occasion I may have left old coffee on the rim of the portafilter, and I sometimes forgot...Read More

"I had never replaced a group gasket, but I talked to plenty of people who had so I was all set to try it."

Vienna: The Tradtion of a Kaffeehaus

Vienna: The Tradtion of a Kaffeehaus By Nicole Jones -

Considered the ideal spot to read the newspaper, meet with friends, or simply enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, the Wiener Kaffeehaus has a long and rather famous history.

It begins during the Ottoman Invasion in 1683, when the Turks besieged Vienna. During a decisive battle the Turks were defeated, and upon their retreat, abandoned almost everything - camels, oxen, tents, grain and rice, and several hundred bags of green coffee beans near the city walls.

As a reward for his heroic efforts during that battle, Franz George Kolschitzky, was given the bags of beans, thought to be Turkish camel food ...Read more

"The Viennese pride themselves on tradition -
especially when it comes to coffee."
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