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January 2008 Volume LII

Posted: 01/20/08
Coffee Buzz - January 2008 Volume LII
Product Spotlight: DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima EN680.M

Shopping for something special for Valentines Day? Here's a few suggestions for a coffee or tea lover!
Coppola loves film, wine and espresso too!

If you thought that legendary film director and award-winning vintner Francis Ford Coppola was only into making epic films and extraordinary wine, think again. Coppola recently revealed that he's a huge espresso enthusiast as well... Read More

SCAA and Millrock Update

In less than a month, coffee enthusiasts and well-trained baristas from around the world will converge in our nation's capital to test their skills at the 6th Annual Millrock Latte Art Competition, sponsored by Barista Magazine... Read More

Take the green pledge

It's pretty clear there's a need to reduce energy consumption. That's why at the beginning of the 2008 we took the Whole Latte Love Going Green pledge. It's an exciting approach to reducing the carbon footprint here at our facility... Read More

Product Spotlight: DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima EN680.M

DeLonghi Nespresso EN680MBy Monica Wendel -

New York is a city that knows no boundaries, a city that many call home. Hipsters throw parties in deserted Brooklyn warehouses, the richest people in the world use Barnes & Noble as a personal library, and last year even an otter took over prime real estate in the Bronx River. Recently, the Upper East Side of Manhattan became another home of sorts for high quality espresso machines, as Nespresso chose that location to open its only coffee bar in the nation. After all, there's no better place for a coffee bar than in a city that never sleeps!

Known as the Nespresso Boutique Bar, it resembles a hip nightclub. Customers come in and select their Nespresso beverage off of a menu similar to a wine list. If the drink wins you over then and there, you can purchase a Nespresso machine for your home such as the Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima EN680.M online or right at the bar. This machine, like other Nespresso machines, sets itself apart from the competition thanks to the Nespresso coffee capsule brewing system... Read More

"The Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima EN680 is housed in stainless steel, so we're not kidding when we say it really does shine like the top of the Chrysler Building"

Bloodshed in Kenya: Pain Across a Nation

By Nicole Jones -
Kenyan child

Last year at this time, we were proud to tell you the tourism industry in Kenya was at an all time high. More than 100,000 tourists a year were traveling to this African country, going on safari, visiting sustainable coffee plantations and bringing more than $900 million a year in revenue to a country haunted by its controversial past.

The controversy stems in part from racial hostilities that developed around the turn of the century during the British occupation. This was somewhat overcome during the later half of the 20th century when Kenya's government worked in conjunction with its Tourism Federation to change the image of an impoverished nation plagued by political turmoil and ethnic violence, and create a Kenya with welcoming people and stability.

Unfortunately, after a highly contested election this past December the tourism industry felt a huge blow...Read More

"It's difficult to predict the full economic impact of Kenya's political violence, but it will certainly cut the growth rate Kenya recorded last year." - David Ndii

Fair Trade in 2008

fair trade logo By Nicole Jones -

Like most of you, I made some New Year's resolutions earlier this month. I'm not sure that I'll make much progress reducing my debt, and unfortunately my jeans will probably fit the same come swim-suit season, but there's one resolution that I can stick to - supporting Fair Trade and buying organically grown coffee whenever I can.

I mean, after all, who doesn't want to support the hard-working coffee farmers, and cut out the middleman at the same time?

You see, buying Fair Trade certified coffee helps small farmers and artisans, giving them strength and unity...Read more

"We need Fair Trade now more than ever." - Jerónimo Bollen, Director of Manos Campesinas, Guatemala

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