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February 2008 Volume LIII

Posted: 02/20/08
Coffee Buzz - February 2008 Volume LIII
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Product Spotlight: Solis Master 5000 Digital

Searching for a great wedding gift?  Here are some ideas.
Stolen Painting Turns Up

The people of Brazil can relax because the famed "O Lavrador de Cafe" painting by Candido Portinari has been recovered by police after an art heist last month...
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What's in the Name?

What's in a name? A lot, according to European Union leaders. For more than a decade, grape growers from around the Champagne region of France have been reaping the benefits of EU laws that protect regionally grown products from unfair competition.... Read More

We've Got a Winner

Congratulations to Devin, whose name was drawn at random from hundreds of correct entries. Devin is the winner of the Whole Latte Love Presidents' Day Trivia Contest!... Read More

Product Spotlight: Solis Master 5000 Digital

Solis Master 5000 DigitalBy Monica Wendel -

What do you get when you combine the engineering of a Swiss Army knife with the taste and quality of Swiss chocolate? The answer: Solis. These espresso machines are known for their exceptional craft with a touch of lighthearted design, all while preparing some of the best espresso around. The Solis Master 5000 Digital is is designed and engineered for great tasting espresso, while its digital control panel is simple, straightforward, and seamless.

Espresso should be something we drink with joy. Solis’s design reflects that – a design that is slightly off beat, a little different, simple to use, and results in a café style beverage that’ll put the local coffee shop “on notice.”

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"In the world of Solis, gorgeous design can only go so far – and high-quality engineering makes up the rest."

Green Tea Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk

By Nicole Jones -
cup of green tea

Is drinking green tea as healthy for you as the media suggests? Yes, according to a report recently released by the American Journal of Epidemiology.

In fact, drinking five or more cups of green tea a day may cut the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer in half. That's great news, because the American Cancer Society ranks prostate cancer as the second largest killer of men.

More than 220,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, and nearly 30,000 die from this silent killer. Lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society claims more than 90,000 men a year.

So what in green tea staves off the risk of developing prostate cancer?

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" the end of the study, risks of having advanced prostate cancer were 50 percent lower for men who drank five or more cups of green tea a day, compared to those who had less than one cup."

Decaffeination: Methods of Madness

cup of coffee By Nicole Jones -

Maybe you're one of those people who shy away from coffee after dinner or maybe your doctor told you to lay off the caffeine. Either way, before you pull the trigger and go for the decaf, take a look at the different ways it's decaffeinated and choose what's right for you.

You see, there are several conventional methods used in the industry to decaffeinate coffee. The first, and what many consider an ideal way to remove the caffeine, is the Swiss Water Process. Unroasted coffee beans are soaked in extremely hot water (175°F) until at least 97% of the caffeine is removed – 99% in Europe. (The standard for what qualifies as “decaffeinated” varies by country. According to the US Food and Drug Administration decaffeinated coffee must have 97% of the caffeine removed in order for it to be classified as decaffeinated....

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"The Swiss Water Process allows the beans to retain nearly all of their flavor and aroma, unlike other methods of decaffeination."

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