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April 2008 Volume LV

Posted: 04/20/08
Coffee Buzz - April 2008 Volume LV
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 Product Spotlight: Rocket Espresso Giotto
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Latte Art In Action: Up Close With Spin Caffe

Randy Orlando and Jim Johnson, owners of Spin Caffe, have been taking the coffee experience in Rochester to a higher level. They've been training their baristas to leave a mark of excellence on every latte that exits their cafe: a signature rosetta.

"It takes a while to learn how to pour it," said Randy's sister Sandy Orlando, who has been a barista at Spin since they opened. "You have to relax, and just practice, practice, practice."
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Factoid: Bledsoe's Back

Everyone knows that all-stars can’t stay out of the spotlight long, especially in the case of veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe. After more than a decade in the NFL, Bledsoe retired to Bend, Oregon and opened a coffee roasting company. Aptly named 11 Roasters, after his jersey number at New England, Buffalo and Dallas, Bledsoe plans on passing his passion for great tasting coffee to football fans and coffee connoisseurs alike...
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Product Spotlight: Rocket Espresso Giotto

Rocket Espresso GiottoBy Nicole Jones -

You could end up with a right hook if you phrase things wrong in Oscar de la Hoya's household – especially if you're talking about weigh-ins. But if you keep the conversation above the belt when you mention the Rocket Espresso Giotto and its 46 pounds of power – you should be able to go the distance.

The Rocket Espresso was designed by a commercial company, so expect commercial quality features- noticeably an E61 brew group and a double boiler for simultaneous brewing and steaming. What's more, the machine is large. But bigger doesn't always mean better, just ask Floyd Mayweather. What does weight have to do with it? In terms of heat retention and stability (the key components for a great-tasting shot of espresso) a bigger brew group sometimes really is better.

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"The Rocket Espresso Giotto combines the best features of a
commercial machine with the convenient, practical features that you
need for home use."

Istanbul not Constantinople: The Evolution of Turkish Coffee

By Nicole Jones -
turkish coffee

Chances are, if you’ve traveled outside of the United States and ordered a cup of coffee, you may have ended up with something you weren’t familiar with. That’s because much of the world enjoys something called Turkish coffee – a strong, rather bitter drink, traditionally served black, but sometimes sweetened with small amounts of sugar.

But Turkish coffee, while enjoyed in many Middle Eastern, North African and Eastern European countries, has yet to find its way to the American marketplace. Could it be its harsh taste? Possibly, because Constantinople took hold of the bitter drink only a few hundred years ago – before that, goats were the largest consumers.

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"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love, according to the Turkish proverb."

Movie Review: Black Gold

Black Gold DVD By Nicole Jones -

Regardless of where you catch a screening of the documentary Black Gold, you’ll leave with the same feeling – that one person can make a difference. Directed by Marc and Nick Francis, this film focuses on the underdeveloped country of Ethiopia and the plight of the overworked and underpaid coffee farmer.

Early on, it’s made clear why this film is so aptly named Black Gold. That is, that coffee is so valued in both the European and US markets that it’s today’s gold standard. As the filmmakers follow Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-Operative Union's General Manager Tadasso Meskela on his travels from the rural coffee farms in southern Ethiopia to a coffee conference in Seattle, it’s apparent how valuable coffee is.

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"You have the ability to give families a decent life. You just need to think before you drink."

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